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    memory leak


    by cafemarg ·

    I seem to be running out of resources constantly and getting freeze ups.Blue screens also are frequent.I was told that this may be a spyware infestation on my PC.Can you help me plug the memory leak please. Joe J.Koltai CANADA

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      by james goerke ·

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      There are many anti-spyware programs that can get rid of spy ware. Search for them. Considering everything, it might just take less time to backup all your files, format your computer and then re-install your operating system. This solution is of course based on the idea that the spyware is most likely not your only problem. So, doing the format and re-install will get rid of everything for you.


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      by thechas ·

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      Spyware / Ad-ware

      Memory leaks in general, try a memory manager.
      There are a number listed at

      If you have an older video card that does not have NEW drivers, you can have many problems with W98 and DirectX 9 and IE 6.

      If the driver for your video card does not support DirectX 8, do NOT install IE 6.
      Likewise, if the video driver does not support DirectX 9, you WILL have problems.
      Of course, both issues leave you with the tough choice of leaving a security hole open just to have your PC work correctly.

      I just performed a clean install of W98 on one of my systems. Stopped at IE 5.5 SP2 and DirectX 8 (as supported by my video driver) and that took care of my memory leak.

      One last thought, Windows 9X / Me can have a problem if more than 511MB of RAM is installed.
      This bug is VERY configuration dependant.
      The only fix, is to reduce the amount of RAM installed.


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      by devinefv ·

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      Well, you could get Ad-aware software free[everyone should have it really]. Goto, select a download site,and downoad it. Remember to shut off or suspend everything before running the installation though [ this is the critical part].

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