Memory leak or something else?

By cbolourchi ·
I work for a retail company that has an application that is based on java. The machines that the program is installed on are very low end: 1 GHZ processor, 256 MB ram. After 2 -3 days of the program running, it (the program) begins to become unresponsive. From what I?ve read this is a memory leak. Am I correct? Will adding memory stop or atleast delay this problem?
So will increasing the memory from 256 MB to 1 Gig have an effect on how long before this sets in? Will it push it from 2 ? 3 days to 6 ? 7 days or more? Is there a way to tell how long it will take before it becomes unresponsive? Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

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Memory leak or something else?

by oz_cast In reply to Memory leak or something ...

1: 256 is hardly enough memory to run the OS
2: how much mem is required by the actual program?
3: what else is running on the background?
I suggest that you add least 1GB to your PC.

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by cbolourchi In reply to Memory leak or something ...

The OS is xp and it runs fine, even on 256, problems aren't occurring in the OS, but the POS program we run on xp. Like I said, after 2-3 days, it gets bogged down and unresponsive. There's hardly anything in the background, no viruses etc.. I want to know if adding a gig will delay the slowdown problem.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Memory leak or something ...

I would defiantly upgrade as much ram as you could... but I'm getting the feeling that, that system probably will not support one gig.... Find out what the hardware supports (amount wise). And what OS are you running? Because you will also need to find out if your OS will "see" the newly installed ram... It would suck if you installed one gig, and the OS only uses 512....

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by cbolourchi In reply to Um.....

for your reply. We plan on adding 1 gig to each machine, but I want to know if it will improve the performance in our program (xp runs fine, for our purposes even on 256) or if it won't have any noticeable effect.

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Memory leak or something else?

by oz_cast In reply to Thanks..

best way to find out is to take the 256 mem stick and have it test or check. could be the ram you currently have. other choice would be to get 1GB ram n tested on one machine before you go and do it to the rest of your machines. if you have the same issue in multiple machines that could be an issue with the actual program you guys are running and its buged. Programmer has to check it out or vender of that program.



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by ---TK--- In reply to Thanks..

What is the make and model of your PC running XP? 256 is kinda pushing it (no offense)... Adding a Gig, will seriously increase performance! I made the wrong assumption (sorry) I thought it might be running on a ancient machine... like 95' or old linux distro... although if it is a true memory leak you would need to set up a performance monitor to prove it.... its built in to XP... I'm thinking your system is locking up B/c you really don't have enough ram to go around... The increase will help with out a doubt... I would also schedule an automatic reboot on an off day to clear out the page file and RAM... Even if you do have "True Memory leak" adding a gig of ram will delay the lock up, and the reboot will clear everything out... so you will never see it even if it is there (gives you time to research it, and not affect productivity)

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