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memory overflow error

By r_samit ·
hi, i have a pentium 4, winxp home, laptop...i want to reformat my hard drive...but when i place the boot cd i get a 'memory overflow error message'...could you please tell me what i should do...thanx a lot...samit

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to memory overflow error

Well first it would help to know the make and model of the LT as some have partitions on the HDD to store a Hidden Partition that is put there by the maker.

If you have a floppy you can go in with a DOS Floppy and run FDISK to see exactly what partitions are on the HDD and what they actually are. If there is only one then you can run a wiping utility which writes 0's to every sector and totally erases the HDD but only if there is one partition. If there is a hidden Partition you will have to remove it with the FDISK utility and then remake it again with the FDISK utility and then try reloading the LT.

If you do no have a floppy drive you'll have to make up a Boot able CD and load the required utilities to it so you can boot from the CD and then proceed in DOS to find out exactly what is currently on the HDD.

If you have the option run a wiping utility in DOS over the HDD that way you will erase every bit of data on the drive and there is no possibility of any infections reappearing when the install is complete but only do this if there are no hidden partitions on the Drive. If there are hidden partitions on the drive clean up as best you can with AV and Spy Ware Utilities as this is really the only option left to you unless you are willing to return the LT to the agents to reload it.


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by r_samit In reply to memory overflow error

thanks a lot col..i will try what you have suggested.

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by Keith Hailey In reply to memory overflow error

Well, this may sound smart, but, clean the CD. and the cd-rom drive. I had the same thing happen on a Compaq LT. It was Nuthin' but a fingerprint.

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by r_samit In reply to memory overflow error


Thank you for your comments...I really appreciate it.

I found that when I uninstalled all the extra usb connexions to the computer, everything went like a breeze....samit

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