Memory parity error - Dell 4700

By pmdirico ·
I have a Dell 4700 that started giving me memory parity check errors on boot(gets to the Win XP Login screen then errors, the lights on the back of the machine are all green), day before yesterday. The system is ~5 years old and out of warranty. It has been running fine up to this point. I've researched the problem on the web and done everything that was suggested in the various posts both here and other forums, with the exception of changing the battery. I've removed and reseated all the memory cards, changed them one at time to try determine if one was NG, unplugged and reseated every cable connection, run all of the F12 on board diag's(they all ran fine), even taken out and reseated the CPU (yep, put new thermal compound on B4 reseating cooler)and checked the PS voltages to make sure that they are OK.

Just before the system 1st crashed it was behaving a little funny. It was warm in the house(mid-80's) and I thought maybe I was having a thermal problem, but the fans weren't running noticeably louder. They did what they're supposed to do during the fan test.

Anyway, I'm stumped. What have I missed? Anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem is?

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Try this Microsoft memory utility

by nepenthe0 In reply to Memory parity error - Del ...

If you need sensor data regarding processor and HD temperature, there is the free SIW utility:

True Blue has posted an outstanding piece about Power Supply testing:

Rick/Portland, OR

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Try changing

by Jacky Howe In reply to Memory parity error - Del ...

the CMOS battery. They are not very expensive and not very hard to change.

They don't last forever.

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RE: Try Changing

by pmdirico In reply to Try changing

Would you mind explaining why the CMOS battery has something to do with Memory Parity? I'm not questioning whether this will work, I'd just like to understand why it might.

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Well it could be any number of things

by OH Smeg In reply to Memory parity error - Del ...

But when you removed the RAM did you clean the Contact points with a soft rubber? That will get rid of anything on there and stop problems arising.

As suggested above replace the BIOS Battery this should be a coin sized Battery of the CR2032 Type and cost about $2.00 or less depending on where you can source one but most battery supply places and Chemists have these.

If none of that works try booting off a live Linux which you can get as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag at your Local Newsagent or download from here

And see if the reported problem persists. If the System passes the POST the RAM should be OK but you may have a corrupt Windows Driver or some corrupt files that are giving a wrong error message.

If the system will not run on a Live Linux replace the PS and see what happens now. Quite often the PS's can go bad and stop producing the required current while the voltages remain correct so things simply do not run and you get all sorts of strange Error Messages.

Lets know how you get on.


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RE: Number of things

by pmdirico In reply to Well it could be any numb ...

Yes, I cleaned the memory contacts.

I will try the battery today, although I'm at a loss as why this should work. Mind explaining it, a little?

The link in your message above does not work.

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Well the URL is the easy bit this is it here

by OH Smeg In reply to RE: Number of things

I don't try to understand or explain why Flat BIOS Batteries do the things that they do I just put it down to Low Voltage screwing up the works. Yes I know it shouldn't be an issue but when you are looking at a Stand Alone Home Computer Insisting that the Network is not providing the required Data before Windows starts most people get a tad suspicious. But I've seen a stream of different error massages all relating to flat BIOS Batteries one was a Memory Error and a few others that made no sense at all.

Just after running across a lot of these when you change the flat batteries the computer works properly again and stops giving you screwy error messages.


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RE: Memory parity error - Update

by pmdirico In reply to Memory parity error - Del ...

I tried turning on the system this morning after being idle all night and with the house temp at 68deg. F. The system booted OK and ran for ~5 min. before crashing with the same Blue Screen Memory Parity error. Sounds like a thermal problem somewhere. I will try changing the battery, although I'm at a loss as to why this might work.

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RE: Memory parity error - Update 2

by pmdirico In reply to Memory parity error - Del ...

It appears to be the wireless adapter. After further cooling this AM, I rebooted and the machine ran fine for about 1/2 hour. I then tried to redo the wireless setup, which is what I was fiddling with when it crashed originally, and after about 5 min. - crash, same symptom. So I removed the wireless card and connected to the router with a cable. Been running for about two hours now with nary a hickup. Problem solved. Thanks for all of the interest and help.

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RE: Memory parity error - Update 2

by phil In reply to RE: Memory parity error - ...

Same PC, same problem and, thanks to your post, the same solution. My wireless card was a DLINK DWL-G520. Hopefully, another wireless card will be OK !! Can't do without the net and I do not want to run a cable to the room.

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