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Memory problem

By jacolebs ·
Is it possible to use a pc133 on a pc100 socket

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Speed not that relevant

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Memory problem

As long as the design is the same with the right pins etc, all that will happens is the PC 133 will work as PC 100, that is slower. I have seen someone try to put the wrong style of RAM chip in and wondered why I said it would not work despite being shorter and fitting in the slot?

Never under estimate the power of human stupidity.

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Motherboard design and DIMM density

by TheChas In reply to Memory problem

More important than speed, is the design of the motherboard and the density of the DIMM module.

The SDRAM specification has evolved over time.

While you can clock a DIMM at a slower speed without any problems, many older motherboards cannot recognize the newest quad density DIMMs.

You will not damage anything by trying the DIMM if it is of the same physical type.

If the BIOS memory test does not report the correct memory amount, you know that the DIMM is not compatible with your motherboard.

I have also seen Windows crash on boot if the motherboard has problems with compatibility on the installed DIMMs.

If the BIOS recognizes the DIMM properly, and Windows boots, you are good to go.

Keep in mind, that Windows 9X and Me do have problems with more than 511MB of RAM installed.


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