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memory problems

By watboutluv1958 ·
I am using win98 I can only access so much memory. Need help to correct this. I have so much in BASE Memory, Extended memory is where all it is. Help please

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memory problems

by Deadly Ernest In reply to memory problems

Once Win98 is properly installed this should not be a problem as such (used to be a big one in DOS and Win 3.11 but not with the 32 bit systems).

More likely your problem is to do with memory leakage, when you open and close a program MS operating systems do not always clear out all the RAM that it had used and thus some RAM is no longer available for use. Get a memory management program like MemTurbo ( or some similar and set it to run as soon as the system is loaded and torun in the background when the avialable RAM drops to 20 MB. I found that this solves 90+% of memory mangement problems with MS systems.

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memory problems

by pierrejamme In reply to memory problems

You don't say how much you are trying to access??
There is a 512MB limit in Win98!

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by tofccn2003 In reply to memory problems

that are running into this problem is to TAKE SOME
TIME researching at the WINDOWS98 support section!
Upon using the ADVANCED option and entering OUT OF
MEMORY in the search window with EXACT PHRASE from
the dropdown list, choose 150 articles. Although a
good deal of those shown will have no revelance!!,
there is "OUT OF MEMORY" listed as the opening of?
the ONE ARTICLE that describes and gives links to!
reasonable advices! This system has recently been?
a ROYAL KHONER HEADACHE from not being able to run
a dos prompt with "OUT OF MEMORY" errors constant!
Also, "QUIT ONE OR MORE PROGRAMS" is another scene
with the recent installation of video capture type
of devices that attack the same memory addresses!!
Before this, even the original 8bit Duke Nukem was
running on a WIN98 machine! There's a trick to the
methology to get that one running, however. Memory
for conventional memory addresses as well as HIMEM
can also be configured with the msconfig utility!,
going to the PROGRAMS tab, then ADVANCED SETTINGS!
But, first research this issue at MICROSOFT! It is
a BIG HELP for MSDos errors and glitches you get!!

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