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Memory problems/Memory leak

By awan ·
Hi, there is a problem I have at work with a server that seems to report inaccurate memory
or possibly have memory leaks, and am wondering if anyone can help me with identifying the problematic application or problem.

The server has WinNT 4.0 Server, with 4 cpus, 1 GB of ram, and the pagefile is split into 3

files with a total of 1.8 GB.

It runs a number of processes/apps such as MS Excel 97, MS Access 97, MS SQL server 7.0 with SP3, IIS/Cold Fusion 4.0, and a few misc AT/scheduled jobs.

Even though the ram usage reports approximately 750 MB of used ram (550 MB free) and 8 MB of used paging file space (1.72 GB free), I get errors such as the following when trying to open MS Access, "There isn't enough memory to perform this operation. Close unneeded programs and try the operation again." and also "Initialization of the dynamic link library

C:\Winnt\system32\user32.dll failed. The process is terminating abnormally." when trying to login to the server. Task manager reports a lot of free memory, but Access still has problems running because of no memory? Are any of these programs having memory leaks? If so, which ones could be fixed by an upgrade patch/SP? I am not sure what to make of it, and any help would begreatly appreciated.

BTW, This is supposed to be a stable server and should only be scheduled reboot so I can't reboot that often.


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