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Memory spy disaster!!!

By brookelyn79 ·
Someone please help! I have downloaded memory spy on my computer and their tech support is not up to par. So i would like remove the program but it won't allow me to. Someone please help me remove this anoying program! If anyone know how i can safetly remove this any feedback would be great!

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What exactly is wrong with it ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Memory spy disaster!!!

Up until your post, I had never even heard of this utility.

If it doesn't have its own uninstall routine, and 'Add/Remove Programs' doesn't work (?), you could try using the TOOLS section of CCleaner (it is particularly good at removing stubborn installations).


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Boot up in safe mode and run

by jimmy-jam In reply to Memory spy disaster!!!

add/remove programs to remove it. If it doesn't have an uninstaller or doesn't show up in add/remove programs it may be spy ware.

Load Spybot S&amp and run it from safe mode to remove spy ware

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Little more.

by normhaga In reply to Memory spy disaster!!!

If it refuses to uninstall download the MicroSoft Cleanup Utility and use that tool to remove it. Afterwards you will have to delete the program files associated with the program and clean the registry with more than CCleaner, but it will most definitely be gone.

msicuu.exe unhooks all the registry entries associated with a program, though it leaves those entries. Once this occurs, it is a simple matter to delete the offending program from program files.

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Memory Spy is easy to use & uninstall - I love it!

by j In reply to Memory spy disaster!!!

I have used Memory Spy PC Monitoring software for over a
year now. Every time I have had any questions - their
support is fast and helpful.

As far as uninstalling the program - it is in the HELP and
also in the splash-screen when the program launches and
also in the Add/Remove Programs list.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove
Then select MS Professional Edition and choose REMOVE

They post their support tickets on their website - it looks
like they answered your question within hours even
though it is included several times within the software and
also the support & help section on the website.

I know with other websites and support forums sometime
questions go on for days if not weeks - I think a couple of
hours is pretty good - just my opinion.

By the way Memory Spy is NOT Malware it is PC
monitoring software used to spy on people on purpose. It
is just like Spector Pro except cheaper and better in my

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Well with all software if there is not a option

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Memory spy disaster!!!

In the Add Remove Programs in the Control Panel and it runs on Startup all you need do is Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL, ALT and Delete ate the same time then click on the Tab called Processes and scroll down till you find the Running Process highlight it and select End Program.

Once you have killed off the running application you can remove it. Alternatively you can reboot the computer in Safe Mode by pressing the F6 Key as soon as the Splash Screen disappears and wait till you see a White on Black screen and using the arrow keys on the keyboard highlight Safe Mode then press Enter. The Computer will boot into Safe Mode with out the application running and you can remove it then.


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Easy answer already posted - but thanks Col!

by j In reply to Well with all software if ...

Col - Thanks and yes your answer makes sense IF there was no other option.

But there ARE options here and in plain sight - just none being looked at by the user! It is in the HELP section, on the website, in the splash-screen when the program launches, and also in the Add/Remove Programs list. Some people just never look I guess.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove
Then select MS Professional Edition and choose REMOVE

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The big problem with Windows is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Easy answer already poste ...

That any Fool can use it without understand the first thing about it. The big advantage is that any fool can use it without knowing anything about it.

Most likely the very BASIC RTFM isn't known about here to begin with let alone that there is a Add Remove Programs ability within Windows. Just this week I asked a End User to look at the clock on the computer and tell me the time on it so they went out into the main office to see a clock.

Apparently they never knew that there was a Clock in the bottom right corner but hey they have only been using Windows since 3.11 so it takes time to learn these new things. :^0


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