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Hi everyone,

I have a Sony camcorder TRV-460 and I just purchased a memory stick the other day. That default format for individual pictures for this camera is .JPEG. If I take a still picture with the camera it goes on the memory stick just fine, but if I try to transfer a photo from my computer using the exact same format that camera will not pick these photos up. I did not try to change the way Sony names their files and folders. I tried to keep everything in the exact same sequence but still no luck. The memory stick is a LexarMedia, and it works just fine in my computer and it shows everything up and it does the same in my camera as long as my camera takes the picture. But any extra imports will not show up even though they are on the memory stick. Any thoughts on this I would greatly appreciate. Thanks so much for any help,

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by amykong30 In reply to MemoryStick

If you have enhanced, cropped or in any way modified the photo from the original state, you will not be able to view it once you put the memory stick back into your camera/camcorder. It does not matter that you have not changed the name of the file - essentially, the properties have changed.

The photo can still be viewed, but only from your computer. Good Luck.

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by owens In reply to

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by owens In reply to MemoryStick

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First I hope I'm doing this correctly I don't post that often.

Apparently I forgot to mention the specifications of the photo as the camera takes it. 640 pixels wide by 480 height. I found some pictures I could set this exact specification to and still have them look right in proportion. However it still does not work. It just skips right on by as if they weren't on the memory stick. However they certainly are. If I am making a mistake in modifying my original post I apologize.
Roger Owens

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by wlbowers In reply to MemoryStick

When a digital camera takes a photo it not only stores a image it also has an index of the pictures. This tells the camera whatever it needs.

When you copy a jpeg to the disk you don't create or add to that index.


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