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By uu22_1978 ·
I am taking care of 20 computers in an internet cafe when this win32.sillyfdc popped in one of the workstation. I did not panic because AVG Antivirus successfully deleted the file but the other day all computers were infected and though AVG Antivirus deleted the virus, it comes back and menaced my customers. I have tried installing Trend Micro PC-cillin, Norton Corporate, AVG OEM but still, the virus exist and menacing my network...Guys Help.

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Have you tried

by JamesRL In reply to MENACED BY WIN32.SILLYFDC

1) turning off system restore

and 2) then booting into safe mode and running your anti-virus?

This is the solution to many of these virus reapprearing problems.


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Also ..

by Mickster269 In reply to Have you tried

If you are running a network, you might have to do what JamesRL said, but one computer at a time. The virus may be propogating thru your network, and you are going to be chasing it forever.

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Removal of Win32/SillyFDC

by websterlog In reply to MENACED BY WIN32.SILLYFDC

Hi,recently my Pendrive was infected with same virus and successfully deleted by
CA Anti-virus2007. And also it can be deleted by following products of CA -- for this I'm giving the link

Follow this link and it could help u.

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Reappearing of same virus after detected by CA Anti-virus2007.

by shivangimalot In reply to Removal of Win32/SillyFDC

My pendrive was infected by the win3/SillyFDC virus. It was sucessfully detected by CA Anti-virus2007 but it reappears every time i plugin my pendrive.
it comes back every time i delete that.It is supposed to be in folder of my pendrive that seems to be a hidden folder. Kindly tell me how to overcome this.

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This is a worm which is going to be a pita to remove.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to MENACED BY WIN32.SILLYFDC

Below is a link to instructions for manual removal. But as you are networked, you will need to keep the clean computers turned off until you have ALL the computers cleaned.

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Check the date, it's over two years old.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to This is a worm which is g ...

If he hasn't removed it by now, it's probably too late.

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Well, talk about a duh moment...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Check the date, it's over ...

Gotta stop cruisin''ridiculous' hours!

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