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    Menu within a picture?


    by ljanderson ·

    I don?t even know how to properly describe this, so I apologize in advance! I?m helping a non-profit on their website and run into the classic design-by-committee.

    Need to be able to have a picture and when the mouse goes over one of the quadrants (or clicks on a quadrant) a menu would appear, giving them a choice of links to click. Don?t want the menu to appear unless the mouse is there (or quadrant clicked).

    I?ve been using FP2000 but a friend said that Dreamweaver would do it, so I got that. But I can?t seem to find any information on it, maybe only because I don?t know what it?s called and therefore just not locating the help.

    In reading some of the posts around, maybe this involves tables, but that isn?t helping my help searching any!

    Anybody got any idea what I?m talking about and can point me in the right direction?

    (I have another question; I hope I?m not pushing my luck! ? is there any way to have a corner of the page be a static box of links on every page, but not a frame? Some of the folks in the organization, said frames were bad for large sites. I have no idea how many pages they?re planning on, but I want to at least investigate the issue. Any thoughts?)

    Thanks for your time!

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      Use an imagemap

      by wurst ·

      In reply to Menu within a picture?

      Step 1: Lose FrontPage.

      Step 2: Use an image map. See this tutorial:

      This will allow you to designate an area of the image that can trigger a javascript function that displays your menu.


      Then your map could look like:

      or do a onMouseOver in the link instead of a Javascript function and make a

      visible that contains the menu.

      Hope that helps.


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      You want a “mouseover” menu

      by sxooter ·

      In reply to Menu within a picture?

      Here’s a link to a mouseover creation site you can use:

      If that isn’t exactly what you want, just do a google search on “mouseover” and menu and you should find a wealth of useful information to help out.

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