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Merak Mail Server (550.5.7.1 error)

By DetroitPistons ·

we are using Merak Mail server 9.1.1, only a few user in the company receives this error (550.5.7.1 we do not relay)
I've been getting some directions from Merak support team however nothing is working been going for almost a month now. [0E1C] 14:11:05 Connected [0E1C] 14:11:05 >>> 220 SMTP IceWarp 9.1.1; Mon, 31 Mar 2008 14:11:05 -0400 [0E1C] 14:11:05 <<< EHLO [] [0E1C] 14:11:05 >>> 502 5.5.1 Sorry, we do not support this operation [0E1C] 14:11:05 <<< HELO [] [0E1C] 14:11:05 >>> 250 Hello [] [], pleased to meet you. [0E1C] 14:11:07 <<< MAIL FROM:<> [0E1C] 14:11:07 >>> 250 2.1.0 <>... Sender ok [0E1C] 14:11:07 <<< RCPT TO:<> [0E1C] 14:11:07 >>> 550 5.7.1 <>... we do not relay <

Any help/suggestions on this issue would be much appreciated


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I was getting this exact error

by Dumphrey In reply to Merak Mail Server (550.5. ...

in Exchange Server 2003. It turns out it was due to the external DNS server we were using was flakey, and would simply refuse to locate some external domains. I changed the server and problem went away. I know this probably does not help, but looking at dns resoultion for the problem addresses may get you in the right direction. A packet capture of the process may help as well, so you can see the full traffic pattern and conversation.

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Thanks for the reply

by DetroitPistons In reply to I was getting this exact ...

it seem to be working now, I uncheck the DENY SMTP EHLO command in the security setting and also disable the Use TLS/SSL option

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