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Merge Partition

By willshaw3 ·
Running Windows xp pro.
Partitions C: through G:

Would like to merge C: and in order to get more space. C: is running low and is almost empty.

Would like to do it without purchased software and without re-formating the whole HD.

Any ideas, shareware etc. that I can use?

Thanks Bill

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by saihib In reply to Merge Partition

You might want to take a look at this:
It's not free but it looks like it will do what you want.

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by sbrager In reply to Merge Partition

There's a free partition manager which has been around for a number of years and many people use it. Ranish Partition Manager is it's name, it's free and you can find it here:

Stan Brager

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by virtual_man_007 In reply to Merge Partition

Here is what I use. Assuming that you have software that can remove a partition, and expand your C partition into the old space of the D partition, such as Partition Magic. I gem from the old DOS days is the SUBST.exe program. It is still distributed with Microsoft OS's in the \SystemRoot\System32\ directory. If your C drive can initially hold the contents of your D drive, copy the contents of D into a directory like c:\DriveD\, then make a batch file with the line
and put this batch file in your start up group. If your C Drive is not large enough, you will need to work out someplace to store it untill the partitions are resized.

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partition merge

by cbeal11 In reply to

Hello Virtual,

see, I'm not a programmer, could you simplify your instruction? I'm not a programmer, but I consider myself to be pretty savvy with computer. Hey, thanks for your help. to be honest I afraid to do it, but its has to be done!

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to Merge Partition

I'm going to look at this and get back to you, but I do know this.
Within the windows XP , go to Control Panel, then to the Administration Tools area there is an area called Computer Management then Disk Management. In this area, you can turn your C drive into a dynamic drive and merge it with your \ or vice versa.
There is nothing to buy,it's already built in.
To be completely honestly I'm not exactly sure of the "Exact" procedure and this is important, hence my need to go back and read. As soon as I can, I'll come back at you.
You can also get more info on this in your Help and support and typing in Partition.
This might prove useful.
I would also suggest that you consider checking with HAL9000 on this. :)
There is a very good chance that he could walk you through this.
In any case, I'll get back to you.
Good luck

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Any Success?

by tim.mcgovern In reply to

Has anyone had any success with this? What approach worked for you? Aaron, did you find any additional information?


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part. merge-not yet

by cbeal11 In reply to Any Success?

I have not done it yet, I am actually afraid, but I need to try it.

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Partition Warnings

by crogalo In reply to Merge Partition

You've got some great replies so far. Just thought I might add some things to think about.
1. Defrag C: before doing any partition merges.
Then copy/move the files for safekeeping.
2. If you give -all- of 's space to the old C: drive (ie 'delete partition), all your other drive letters will change - keep that in mind because some programs on E:, F, and G may need 'Path' information to run. They may not run due to old E: is now D;, old F now E, and old G is now F.
3. You may want to -keep- the D partition, but resize it to really-really small.

Just my 2 cents. Chuck

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Partition Merge

by cbeal11 In reply to Partition Warnings

You know Chuck, it is already really small already its only slightly over 2GBs and all the downloads go right to this drive, and of course, I will get a message saying low disk drive, because most of that 2GB is used up. I am just not sure if I understand the instructions well enough to do the merge. don't know what to do!

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Merge partitions

by In reply to Merge Partition

Merge partitions have many ways,such as by the professional partition software can get much help.
MiniTool Partition Wizard can do the merge partition well.maybe you can have a try.

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