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    Merger Whoas!


    by wilsondb ·

    I am involved in a merger of two medium sized global companies with extremely different infrastructure solutions. One company uses Novell Intranetware in a single global NDS tree for file and print and NT 4.0 for applications. This company’s infrastructure employs a standards based approach to servers and desktops and has approx 7500 users. The second company uses NT 4.0 for file and print as well as applications. This infrastructure is comprised of multiple domains and is for the most partdecentralized and does not employ any standards with approx 4000 users. Now for the task the CIO has set the following directions: He wants a single global network which is centralized and standardized and will afford the user the ability to log in from anywhere in the world with a single I.D.. The CIO has chosen Microsoft products as the target direction for infrastructure based on market share. My questions is, are there any compelling 3rd party articles that you are aware of the argue either way on this subj

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      Merger Whoas!

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      Merger Whoas!

      by tysonmathews ·

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      I suggest connecting mail servers using Exchange and do not go to the naming conventions as in if one company is in Washington and the other is in Florida do not use and You may run into issues with laptop usersthat are mobile running into issues when plugging into domain1 and 2. I also suggest running DHCP and try to configure the larger of the 2 companies to run DHCP and manage the IP addressing for both domains and DO connect via WAN link. Get VPN running and make full use of the WAN link. The side running Novell and UNIX, I say leave it. Things as Home directories and file sharing. Novell is great when the power of NWADMIN32 is used and makes it easier to Admin a Network. GOOD LUCK

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