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Hello all, great site!!! I've been browsing it for years but first post now.

Looking for some pointers on a domain merge.

My company has 2 server 2003 domains, one in europe, one in USA. Currently both domains are in the same forest and a two way trust has been established. (connected by 2mb site to site VPN).

Users in one site access resources (fileservers / appservers / webservers / mail servers) in the other site so for operational reasons we'd like to merge both domains.

I know there are solutions for syncing users from one AD schema to another and for synching GALs / public folders etc. but as the business has requested (for operational / marketing reasons) to merge domains, it will probably be easier in the long run, and more beneficial in the long run to merge the domains.

So basically we want to suck the USA domain into the europe domain and abandon the usa domain.

There's 2 DC's in each domain now and 1 exchange 2003 server in each. We'd like to have just one exchange 2003 organistion, with each exchange server hosting just local user mailboxes. And for all 4 DC's to replicate.

Next year we should have 6mb MPLS and would eventually like each site to be a mirror DR site for the other.

I don't need to start work on this for a few months but would like to get a head start on the theory.

Step 1?
Devise a common Active Directory structure?

Step 2? ....

Thanks for your advice....

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Re: Merging two domains.

These links might help you.

Active Directory Migration Tool v.2.0

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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