Merging two partition drives

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Hi to all, Pls help, I have Domain Server Active directory with 3 partitions.I am using NTFS file system Windows Server 2003,I am running out of space for my partition C:System drive,My Drive C: has 100GB 200GB E: 200GB. I want to merge Drive which has 200GB to extend my drive C. Is there any program that i can use to solve it or by disk management?

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No; these are your options

by Churdoo In reply to Merging two partition dri ...

There is no software that will merge the two volumes while keeping all of the data intact.

There is however, partitioning software which will for example, expand the C: drive and simultaneously shrink the drive by up to the amount of empty capacity on drive. See Paragon or Acronis for said software, for example.

If you still want to merge the volumes, you will have to
a) back up the volume (since playing with partitions, you "should" back up all volumes for safety)
b) delete the volume either with Disk Manager or with the partitioning software
c) use partitioning software to expand the C: volume to take up all of the capacity formerly held by
d) restore the data formerly on the volume to the newly expanded C: volume.

Note: if any applications were installed on or referred to data on , may need to be re-installed to refer properly to their new home on C: volume; shares formerly on will have to be re-created; and other references to volume will have to be fixed.

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Why are you re-posting again and again!!!???

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