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merging txt files

By dlippus ·
I am wondering, outside of the copy and paste method,is there a program or script for merging multiple txt files? I have someone who is merging over 50 txt files and needs a quicker way of doing it. Thanks in advance. ( windows xp user)

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merging txt files

by prakashk In reply to merging txt files

instead of using a script try excel fast and easy way. If you know how to read and write to a txt file in any programming langugage, it should be very easy, try writing in python.

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by dlippus In reply to merging txt files

Sounds like it would be great if I was a programmer, or the user in question was, but unfortunately neither of us are. I do appreciate the quick response. The person in question is your general user. I have found a program called TXT collector that seems to do the trick. If anyone else has a better solution,that the basic user could handle, I am all ears.

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Text Merge 2.0

by jthttk In reply to merging txt files

Hey, try this handy tool I found @

Text Merge 2.0

Could be an answer......

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Thanks for the program

by dlippus In reply to Text Merge 2.0

Yes, this and TXT collector should do well for what the user has in mind. Thanks a bunch for the quick reply.

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merging .txt file

by anggwaponi In reply to Thanks for the program

this topic realy helps since it somehow ease my job.


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Google is your friend

by JackOfAllTech In reply to merging txt files

Did you even TRY searching on your own?
Using FREEWARE TEXT MERGE result in 237,000 hits!

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