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Merry Christmas (I'm not politically correct)

By AV . ·
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I just love Christmas. Its a time of year when overdoing it is acceptable. Every desk has cookies or candies on it. People are in a good mood, and thats unusual. It must be all the sugar, but if you work in tech support, I know you know what I mean.

I've been having a wonderful time, eating, drinking and partying. The downside is shopping, wrapping and decorating and lots of extra pounds. I am so going to have to go on the "repent sinner" diet in the new year. Don't you just love the holidays? I do. Its a real festive (FAT) time. I have to admit, I get wrapped up in the whole thing. I love decorating the Christmas tree, but in the end, I think Christmas is really about getting together with loved ones and goodwill to everyone else.

That's not to say that Christmas doesn't have a lot of stress. Some people say "Bah Humbug" to getting involved and to them I'd like to show a little movie clip to make my point

Well, thats been my holiday season so far, I'd love to hear about yours.


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Happy Yule and Good Eatings (Me, even less so)

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Merry Christmas (I'm not ...

Up here Christ (still) has no place in the name of the festivities: It's Jul in Danish, and Joulu in Finnish.
It's still the old-school solstice eat-fest at it's core. So, the nonchristian additions (tree and gift-bringer, for instance) sit really well with it... no "message" to detract from, you see... apart from the old message of "Ok, the worst frost is still to come - but at least it won't be getting darker anymore - so let's celebrate that, and eat all the stuff that won't last much longer anyway!"

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Happy Festivus

by AV . In reply to Happy Yule and Good Eatin ...

December 23 is officially Festivus. For those not familiar with this holiday, here's a little background.


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Unofficially official, perhaps

by NickNielsen In reply to Happy Festivus

I prefer the O'Keefe's tradition where Festivus can be any day you want it to be.

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Sorry AV the Grumpy Guide to Christmas

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Merry Christmas (I'm not ...

Is what I see the Sumer Solstice as, though as I'm in the Southern Hemisphere things are a bit different here. That Large over sized Sugar Rush here results in lots of Nasty people complaining that things don't work!

Now just how many people are Killed during Shopping while near the December Deadline or the Correct Term that so many actually forget Silly Season.

Though just to rub your nose in it all I can say is You Can't Fatten a Thoroughbred. Gaining weight isn't something I had to worry about but Blow Up Sheep being given to me are another story. :^0


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I keep forgetting that its your Summer

by AV . In reply to Sorry AV the Grumpy Guide ...

Lucky. Though it wouldn't be Christmas to me if it wasn't dark, cold and dreary everyday.

Yes, it really is the silly season. People lose their minds trying to get that special toy or gift. I really could do without the gift giving part and just get together for a party.

I used to be able to eat whatever I want, just like you, but now just looking at all of the food thats around everywhere is enough to put a pound or two on the bod.

**** up sheep? Hmm . . . . You can always regift it. :^0


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I keep forgetting that it ...

I just give them to Kiwi Fiends that I know.

They are mightily amused by the Battery packs that the Blow Up Sheep have and the noises that they make.

I was silly enough to be in a shop yesterday and watching a couple of women fighting over something. They destroyed it and then triumphantly took the remains that they had to pay for it. Must be the Shops Perfect piece of rubbish. Put 1 Price on it and sell it twice. :^0

However currently here we have 2 Cyclones apparently forming One in the Coral Sea which may slightly affect me and one North of Darwin which may do a Tracy and destroy the Place early Christmas Morning while everyone is asleep waiting for Santa to arrive.

Now I've got to go and eat some Chocolate I'm beginning to enjoy Growing Old Disgracefully. :^0

Though I'll be the first to admit that having kids around makes Christmas completely different. With the Wifes Youngest being 36 this year that's long behind me so I'm just grumpy.

Col 0:-)

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We're throwing tradition to the wind, this year.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Merry Christmas (I'm not ...

The traditional food for the yule here is a big mustard-glazed ham, with some even more traditional garnishes. Very rural.

We used to do that. The first year we did, we had amazing luck (as later became apparent) : the ham didn't taste at all like a hog. You know, that sweaty, even uriny half-taste. It wasn't there. The first year.
Now we've had less good luck (despite buying high-quality meat) for three consecutive years, so now that has to end.

So, we're having Indian food.
Tiger prawns, Biryanis, Samosas, Pakoras, Butter Chicken, Lamb curry, Chicken curry, Naan breads, Raita, etc.

We don't have to cook it ourselves, either.

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Sounds good

by JamesRL In reply to We're throwing tradition ...

Turkey is the tradition here, but when I was a kid, my Grandparents liked goose, so we had that quite a few times. I will be having turkey on Christmas this year.

I quite like a good ham. I think what you are tasting isn't the hog taste, its the type of nitrates used in the smoking and curing processes. Some are stronger than other for sure.

I love Indian food. I've made butter chicken myself (ok with a ready made sauce). My city is about 25% south asian, so I can get great samosas cheap. I often buy microwavable indian dishes for one person meals, and just put some naan under the broiler. I love lamb. Wish I could share that feast with you.

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When I went to order it, the chef came to look at the list of stuff we want

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sounds good

...and he was nodding to himself and said "Yes yes... I like!" :)

I think he feels he's finally found a sensible finnish person
I would imagine that the huge slab of meat Finns usually have for christmas must be an intimidating idea for the Indian aesthetic...

My uncle had a farm for a while, with geese. So in those years we had goose for christmas. Otherwise we've had Turkey a lot, since my Granddad and Grandma had been in the states so many times they'd grown fond of that tradition. I liked goose a lot, it's not dry at all - but there's a lot of meat on one of those bad boys, so it's sort of out our league in our smaller present circles, back then we were six adults, now we're just three.

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Turkey is always good

by AV . In reply to Sounds good

What does goose taste like? I'm thinking maybe it must be similar to duck. We usually have turkey on Thanksgiving, so on Christmas we have either ham or roast beef.

Ham can be very good if it's not too strong. Its the only time I really eat it. My sister, who is a nurse, always warns the family that ham is not the best for you, but I tell her that once a year isn't going to kill her.

I've never had butter chicken, but it sounds really good. I have to admit that when I read Ansu's post, I thought a Samosa was a Mimosa (a very nice drink). I don't eat much Indian food, but I do love lamb. Every now and then I'll get some, but its so expensive here that I don't buy it much.


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