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"Message from TR member" Attention Robin L. Ore; Tammy.

By CharlieSpencer ·
Gods of us all, are you a complete idiot or do you just think I'm one?

If we have things in common, why must you "explain that further at another time"; why can't you explain them now? What in my profile makes you think I know squat about programming for HDTV, biomass, energy, cell phones, Xbox in particular, gaming in general, or brain interfaces for children?

If your company has it's fingers in so many different pies, why is it the only employee name I can find is yours? You have memberships at several technology sites but I can't find any other names associated with Femtobeam besides yours. Is no one else with your company proud enough of it to mention it in their on-line activities? Or is there simply no one else with your company? Why can I find no mention of your firm outside your own posts and press releases?

If you have photos you can send me, why aren't they on your web site? Why does your web site have 'testimonials' attributed to 'Anonymous' and 'Everyone'? Your web site lists no telephone number, street or mailing address, only contact via e-mail; isn't it hard to recruit when people can't tell where you're located? A '' e-mail address doesn't look too professional.

You present yourself in print about as poorly as anyone I've ever seen who didn't learn English as a second language. Actually, I take that back; I know many ESLs who express themselves better than you do. Your undeveloped paragraphs are poorly constructed and unfocused; your sentences run on over several topics. I can't see myself ever working for someone with such poor writing skills, although I will give you credit for mastering every stinking technology buzzword currently in play. Your posts here and on other sites indicate you're eligible for a volume discount on tin foil; speak to your Reynolds' account rep.

Nobody in their right mind would sign on with a startup that admits it has no capital and has only eight weeks of free computing resources before it has to start paying money it doesn't have. Oh, and if you consider union backing something to be proud of, you're going to have a miserable time recruiting IT professionals.

Tammy, has this person sent similar crapola to other members? Maybe to others she's added as Contacts over the weekend? How about bouncing her for the holidays, just as a gift to the membership?**300&redirectTo=%2f1320-22-20.html

Subject: Your History and your post on Virtual Lans

I loved the way you wrote your biography. I am very interested in you and your abilities and knowledge. Here's why:

You and I have some things in common and I would like to explain that further at another time, because right now, I need some help and am really hoping you might be interested in assisting me.

We are launching our Hosted Services Solution with Microsoft's Azure data bases and applications next week without a programmer, because I can't find one who can help us with what we need to do and it is so critical.

A bit of a background, I am the owner of a startup company which is an umbrella for scientists, engineers, artists and inventors and we are teaming up with the United Steelworkers Union to match inventors with manufacturing in the United States and need to set up a VPN for that on Azure Microsoft OS for the cloud. We are inventors ourselves of photobioreactors, light sources and I am one of the original pioneers in HDTV with my own light sources for displays. I have photos I can send you. We also can grow biomass with them and have an automated freeze dryer system to go with it that will revolutionize food, medicine and even preservation of DNA. It is also one answer to new energy with the creation of methanol and methanol fuel cells to replace batteries. I am also a leading integrator of HDTV technologies for network architectures. I want to get around the grid and establish a new grid with our distributed energy solutions that power our own equipment and that of our inventors. We want to start making cell phones now and have the ability to do that with our deal with Microsoft as a registered partner. This means we work with and through Microsoft and do not jeapardize our relationship with them by working with their competitors. If they do a deal with Apple, fine. If they are doing deals to be compatible with Linux, fine. You get the picture.

We want to push the GridRouter technology and establish a new way to connect to IPv6 for people everywhere. I should point out that one affiliation is with the scientist who won the Nobel Prize for the optical comb and created the ability to detect light and measure time and created the cesium clock. Basically we have the enablers for optical systems. We do not want to go any where near the military with our technology unless they decide we should be subcontractors instead of the big companies who are trying to steal our technology with their partners in Europe. We have the Union behind us and they forced tire tariffs on China.

We are trying to secure the future of brain interfaces and start a site which is safe for children with the establishment of identity as opposed to anonymity in order to establish tracking and catch online predators going after the kids. We are going to start with the sale of flash thumb drives with everything on them and people will order cards and create a Microsoft tag. We will add two other identity and safeguards later. We want to start and create the world's largest VPN.

We will have HDTV footage on the site, games, interactive mass and energy balances and will establish LAN parties and events for people and keep them away from women and children who are not electing to participate in any environment.

Femtobeam LLC is the name of my company and we have the SDK's. I am hoping you are a good person, it sounds like it and you are used to working on your own.

As a Microsoft Partner, after we submit our hosted services solutions, we will sign the contract. At that point we will have access to 50 copies of the advanced programs to install on up to 50 computers to help us run the network. I want to give some of them to brainy people who are good and who can help others prevent hackers and also like to invent or use the software and who cannot afford it.

We can offer an unlimited number of free trials and I need 2 programmers with Microsoft Certs. We have items for sale to help kids get online with minimal equipment and advisors for small businesses. We will be developing the solutions for Microsoft Office 2010 and Intuit and are developers of both.

We need to find a way to get the site up and running now because the data bases are free and so is the supercomputing power until February 1st. We have until then to create a viable business and we have no capital. There are no investors and they could not understand that we work with microscopic and invisible things. They get excited about my lamps which are like paper and bright white but not about detections of femtolevel waves in far IR nd UV that can work with embedded devices.

We need to get the site up next week and start selling items before Xmas. We will sell items for the Xbox, Microsoft products and things for mobile gaming and mobile live.

We can pay out of proceeds. Starting in February we have to pay Microsoft for the data bases and bandwidth used.

I want to host advanced HDTV interactive games similar to Air Wars.

We have quite a few applications we would like to list as our hosted services applications and I am in contact with the manager for strategic planning of Azure.

Will you help me Palmetto?"

I'd sooner devour my own intestines like spaghetti; hold the Parmesan.

Edited frequently to increase the vitriol.

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Wow Palmy

by Shellbot In reply to "Message from TR member" ...

You really attract em dontcha buddy??

What if your missing out on the opprotunity of a lifetime??

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It wouldn't be the first one.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Wow Palmy

I miss them all the time. This looks like nothing more than an opportunity to disclose my e-mail address via an ill-advised clicking of the 'Reply' button.

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by Shellbot In reply to It wouldn't be the first ...

most likely..

its a good email though...long..

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It's your on-line antics that attract them

by NickNielsen In reply to It wouldn't be the first ...

"This guy's crazy; just read his posts. Maybe he's crazy enough to give us money!"



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Palmie is a human bug zapper

by Tink! In reply to Wow Palmy

he attracts these sort of pests. (and then zaps them)

I know I've never been so lucky as to receive one of these lovely messages.

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My initial reaction was to ignore it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Palmie is a human bug zap ...

But the more I read, the more ridiculous it got, to the point where I felt my (limited) intelligence was being insulted.

It's never specified what help I'm being asked to provide. Monetary, I guess.

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It must be the Month of the Crank.

by seanferd In reply to "Message from TR member" ...

Tremendous upswing in crank activity. (Strictly anecdotal evidence.)

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Wow.. Just,.. Wow

by GSG In reply to "Message from TR member" ...

I wonder if this person is related to Al "I invented the Internet" Gore:

" I am one of the original pioneers in HDTV with my own light sources for displays"

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I have to tell you Palmie

by Tig2 In reply to "Message from TR member" ...

That was the best laugh I have had in awhile and it was sorely needed today. You write an excellent open letter, sir!

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I haven't received anything...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to "Message from TR member" ...

.. yet from anyone else.

Maybe she has a crush on you, and just thinks you are too cute for your own good?

I see she hasn't posted in the boards in a few months, and has taken to emailing instead.

Let me give her a holler to explain herself, and ask she refrain from emailing members "spam".

-Tammy [_]3

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