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    Message stuck in outbox


    by sbd ·

    I have a message stuck in my outbox in Outlook 2000 cannot delete – message has already started spooling – how can I get rid of it please

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      sounds like corruptions to me. maybe this will help. remove any spaces from link below:
      here is pastey:
      Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Help
      Assistance > Office 2000 > Outlook 2000 > E-mail > Data Files

      Applies to
      Microsoft Outlook? 2000

      If your Outlook 2000 personal folders file (.pst) or offline folders file (.ost) has been corrupted or damaged, you can often use the Inbox Repair Tool to recover some or all of the information in these files.

      The Inbox Repair Tool (also referred to as Scanpst.exe) is designed to scan and repair inconsistencies found in a .pst or .ost file. After scanning the file, Inbox Repair Tool creates a report that you can view by clicking the Details button. You can then choose to repair the file or to quit without repairing it. If you choose to repair the file, you can also choose whether or not to create a backup file.

      The Inbox Repair Tool is included on the Microsoft Office 2000 or Outlook 2000 CD and is installed automatically during setup in Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\1033\95 (or NT if you are using Microsoft Windows NT?). Use the Windows? Find feature to search for Scanpst.exe.

      To use Inbox Repair Tool, first determine your e-mail configuration.
      On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Outlook. You’ll see Internet Mail Only if you have this configuration, or Corporate or Workgroup if you have that configuration.
      Once you’ve determined your e-mail configuration, follow the procedures to either Use Inbox Repair Tool with Internet Only option or Use Inbox Repair Tool with Corporate or Workgroup option e-mail configuration.

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      by namitswar ·

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      Go to tool
      then maintainence tab
      This will give u the location where ur messages are stored on the darddisk.

      Either change the location to a simpler one eg.C:\mail
      copy the store location and paste it on your address bar of explorer


      simply search outbox.dbx in search

      In that folder u will find a file named as outbox.dbx

      delete the file outbox.dbx

      ur stuck message will be deleted.

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      by sbd ·

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