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Messagebox fonts in VB .NET

By rwint ·
I'm new to VB.NET and I've tried searching the WEB so either this is very basic or very rare.

What do I code to change the font for text in a specific messagebox without altering any default font settings. Example:
messagebox.show("AAA:") <-- how do I manipulate the font.

Many Thanks

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Messagebox fonts in VB .N ...

Rare. Messagebox is a wrapper to the windows system dialog box, You might be able to pick up the handle and punch a font change to it, be easier to create you own dialog form and just call that though.

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Fonts in MessageBox

by dcoops In reply to

If you want to consider a commercial solution, you can look at my HTML MessageBox product at www.html-messagebox.com, which allows you to use simple HTML in the text of the MessageBox (MsgBox in VB!) to change fonts, and use bold, italics and underline.

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Free MessageBox replacement with fonts, bold etc.

by DanCooperstock In reply to Messagebox fonts in VB .N ...

The HTML MessageBox that I mentioned in 2009 is now freeware, available from www.software4nonprofits.com/HtmlMessageBox

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