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    Messages from wpspamaIbot1gpt?

    by rodniekeith ·

    I have been getting some strange messages recently. I am a web developer and someone has been sending me messages on my contact us page.

    The first message told me that I build “insecure websites for my customers”.

    The next message told me that my customers will be upset with me.

    The third message told me that I need to pay with gift cards to avoid problems with my customers.

    All of the messages are signed by wpspamaIbot1gpt.

    I am wondering what I can do about this? Have any other web developers encountered this?

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      Re: Messages from wpspamaIbot1gp

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Messages from wpspamaIbot1gpt? shows you’re not the only one.

      Apart from changing your contact form to ignore such messages in stead of processing them, there’s nothing you can do about it, I think.

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      Reply To: Messages from wpspamaIbot1gpt?

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Messages from wpspamaIbot1gpt?

      From the context of the message, it sounds like an internet bot message that is reaching out to you. Once they latch on to you, it is difficult to get them from sending more garbage. See if your internet provider can block the IP address of that sender.

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      I found a solution

      by rodniekeith ·

      In reply to Messages from wpspamaIbot1gpt?

      For past 5 months these scammers and their nasty bots have wreaked havoc on my customer’s inboxes. It started out as few messages that appeared like they could be from customers. But when the customer would call back, the person didn’t know anything about it. Then a barrage of messages begins, like 50 to 500 a day, then came the ransom messages (in bad English) saying if they didn’t pay the $500 in bitcoin, WPspamailbot1GPT, WPspamailbot2GPT and WPspamailbot3GPT will spam them even more. I don’t know how they knew who my clients do business with, but it seems that people all around them began to have similar attacks on their websites too. I tried and tried to install various free security plugins, as well as paid subscriptions, some would only work for a short time. Whatever this is, it’s smart and it learned our defenses and in a matter of days broke through all the captchas, questions and turn style security I installed. CleanTalk, Akismet, and Wordfence managed to hold them off the longest, but eventually messages started coming in again. I also tried IP blocking and IP filtering, only allowing US IPs, and to no avail. I was even considering taking down customer’s forms temporarily, until I found a solution, however most of my customers wouldn’t have it, they needed these forms to run their businesses. I literally starting to consider paying these assh***s off so that they would leave my top clients alone. Admittedly what was frustrating and embarrassing is getting daily phone calls from frustrated clients and feeling like I can’t do anything about it. I took it to Reddit and found people talking about the same thing. These scammers use FraudGPT and wormGPT engines to drive these bots and WPspamaibot (GPT generative pre-trained transformer) scammers have modified them to their benefit. I found 1on1secure plugin, it’s a free plugin that is built on the same adaptive learning algorithm tech. It has the ability to adapt to every attacker in real time, and so far it has blocked these attacks… it’s been over a month… fingers crossed. Future where you need your robot, to fight off other bad robots, sure looks great… lol 😕

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