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Messages missing in Outlook 2000

By Ribert ·
As part of our ongoing security program, I changed the e-mail password on a system running Outlook 2000 on a Windows XP platform. The change was made while in user mode, not Administrator mode. When I restarted Outlook to check that the system would connect with the e-mail server, I found that almost all of the information except for the Sent Items folder had disappeared.

I checked Windows Explorer and found that the .pst file associated with the Outlook installation measured 38MB vs. the 5MB shown within Outlook. I reloaded the Office 2000 suite in case there was a program fault to no avail. I also used the Inbox Repair Tool to recover the information but the program reported that there were no problems with the file.

I made a copy of the affected .pst file just in case before I started. I plan to try using another system to extract the information from the file and import it back to the affected system.

I have never seen or heard described a problem like this. Attempts to use Microsoft's Knowledge Base have been marginal at best with no specific article (so far) giving me the information I need to troubleshoot and, hopefully, correct the fault.

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by AaronTech In reply to Messages missing in Outlo ...

First make sure view >current view > Messages should be selected and not just last 7 days or unread. Next if the email is really gone

To recover ALL email from this PST file firstly make sure NOT TO compact the file the steps to recover include
1) Back up the PST file (as you have already done)
2) Corrupt the file with a hex editor
3) Run the scanpst.exe program (comes standard with Microsoft office)

To corrupt the PST file I used axe editor can be downloaded from: (it?s free!)
Once axe editor is installed launch the program
Within Axe editor click File > Open special > open huge file. browse to your PST file and once loaded within the ANSI text column count about 10 lines from the top and at the beginning of each line enter a space as the first character of the line if there is already a character there don?t overwrite it just skip to the next line that has no character in the beginning of the line and add a space (by left clicking there with the mouse and hit the space bar)do this about 5 times. Your file is now corrupt and ready to be scanned by the scanpst file. Do a search on you local drives for scanpst.exe or browse to it. By default located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033
Scan the file with this program and once this program repairs the pst file you should have all email including those deleted since the last compact of this file.

Hope this helps

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