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Metrics of the team vs the individual

By jobloggs ·
We run a small support team here and the objectives of the team are well definied. Ther is Staff development and carreer review, although in common with most institutions Classroom training is difficult to afford for all.
It seems to me that thereis a contradiction in the way that we measure performance vs the team objectives. We measure individuals (no of calls, spot rate etc as well as qualititive testing) But that can mean that individuals do not act in a team way in their scrabble to build their figures (Cherry picking and the like).

I wonder what other approaches Managers use to monitor the service performance and individual performance and how well they sit together

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Performance Metrics

by Oldefar In reply to Metrics of the team vs th ...

Whether in conjunction with a Service Level Agreement, a department effectiveness, or individual assessment, the metrics have to be meaningful and measurable. Too often, the focus goes to measurable first and situations like you are facing result.
An approach I use is to begin with the team objective. The mission statement should work for this if you have one. Add your objectives as manager to this. Next, look at the team requirements for meeting the objectives. Give each a weight of 1-3, and make sure each can be linked to an objective. Now add the individual objectives, linked to the team requirements. Finally, add requirements with metrics linked to the objectives. You now have a clear line from individual metric to department objectives.

The weight factor of the team requirements becomes a multiplier for the individual metrics. This reduces the impact of cherry picking tasks.

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