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metrobook dt pII 400Mhz drivers vid-aud

By dianephilly ·
i am disabled and vocational rehabilitaTION gave me metrobook dt pentium 2 400 mhz with port replicator-it came installed with win 98 2nd ed.
...but hard drive physicaly broke-
i bought a new hard drive, reinstalled -but windows and win update gives me no driver for the audio(designed to be high quality for its voice to text purpose and video adapter is default 640-480 16 colors- tried instaling xga etc but no luck the 15.1 active matrix display was full color and fairly high res-both over 800 pix.
but metrobook went bankrupt and intergraph(the corp. father had no help- the driver site address is now gone-
searches have yielded nothing
please help
even if i know oem for graphics aDAPTER 8 MEGS AND AUDIO THAT WOULD HELP
also dvd driver and tv in and svhs out would help also- but the basic video and audio is critical
less reliable but please cc (austria but im in penna. server from austrian firm from domain name sale
love, diane

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metrobook dt pII 400Mhz drivers vid-aud

by parvus1202 In reply to metrobook dt pII 400Mhz d ...

Try, they will give you information on your board and the site where you can download almost extinct drivers.

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metrobook dt pII 400Mhz drivers vid-aud

by BobHo In reply to metrobook dt pII 400Mhz d ...

I looked around and could not find much information on the metrobook dt configurations. The sound system is compatible with soundblaster pro so I would start by trying their drivers (16-bit). Try this link for driver download:

The display adapter is a little more tricky. The metrobook was made with various graphic chips (ati, neomagic and s3). I guess I'd start with the ati (it's pretty popular in laptops) and see if it will work. If not, simply try one from a different manufacturer until you come across one that does work. Here's a link for the ati all-in-wonder:

Without knowing the exact chip types it can only be done by guesswork.



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metrobook dt pII 400Mhz drivers vid-aud

by dianephilly In reply to metrobook dt pII 400Mhz d ...

mobilepro bios 1.01 r482-po.r1.12 update 1.7 from system soft not in bb.... manufactures id sku 440bx/zx rev 3
metrobook dt with cd/dvd no internal modem but video i/o ports usb/firewire tft active matrix 15.1 8 meg agp video capable of driving external monitor up to 1600/1200 internal tft usure-but at least 1024 , higher- vendor 8086 - compusa tech said notebook is ibm compatable as to most if not all parts- was used preloaded with dragon dictate for disabled- some disabled companies are still selling overstock- but as with all products for disabled(since usualy insurance or goverment pay for it they are hard to deal with reasonably

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