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MIB's and SNMP

By stevendun ·
I use IPM to for a specific report and need to ensure that when the tests are executed the results are returned with no failures. The tests involve 48 loopback addresses of routers on our WAN. I've discovered that if a router reboots it will fail the test (because the IPM test needs to be stopped and started again after the reboot or power failure). Through HP's openview NNM I use the MIB browser to return system uptimes on all 48 routers before the tests begin. This is a bit tedious, and was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to execute a bat file, or is there an exe that can send the MIB query to all 48 routers at the same time, and return the results. It would save alot of time with copy and pasting! Especially because my client is considering expanding the number of tests.

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Don't know about IPM, but CiscoWorks does what you want

by Why Me Worry? In reply to MIB's and SNMP

Assuming you are running Cisco Routers, CiscoWorks lets you perform automated tasks, such as the one you describe.

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use a shell script

by icmp30 In reply to MIB's and SNMP

Openview has snmpget, so you can create a shell script to get the up time from all the routers. Put it in crontab and have it mail the results to you. ... uhmm... assuming that you're running Openview on a UNIX platform. If you're running windoze maybe you could run the script in cygwin???

Try something along the lines of

routers="name1 name2 name3 ... name48"
for DEV in $routers
uptime='snmpget -OUqtv $DEV sysUpTime.0'
if [ $uptime -lt "8640000" ]; then
# up for less than a day
echo "$DEV uptime= $uptime"

I'm not at work, so you'll probably have to
man snmpcmd
to get the right output options to strip off everything except the up time.


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