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Michael J. Fox, Stem Cell Research and El Rushbo

By ProtiusX ·

The above link is to a Comcast news article detailing Rush's remarks about Fox's scenes on the democrat attack ads for the up coming election.

MJF has always been a likable figure to all Americans especially those generation X ers like me who grew up with his movies in the 80's.

I have the utmost sympathy for Michael as he suffers through this terrible disease. I pray for him and wish him peace as he carries on his day to day life.

I wanted to use this as a spring board to discuss the underlying issue of stem cell research which I, like my conservative counterparts, do not oppose. Adult stem cell research has produces a great many successful remedies for a variety of afflictions and more are being discovered all the time. What we do oppose is embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research on the other hand hasn't resulted in any significant remedy. The only reason it is harped upon so zealously is that it is directly tied to the woman?s perceived right to murder her unborn child.
Adult Stem Cell Research link

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My understanding of some of this

by jdclyde In reply to Michael J. Fox, Stem Cell ...

Was the problem that the Ad was dishonest.

It does not state the difference between being against stem cell research and government funded stem cell research.

Typical from that crowd.

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wrong place - double post

by maxwell edison In reply to My understanding of some ...
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A woman's right

by maecuff In reply to Michael J. Fox, Stem Cell ...

to choose, is not a perceived right. It just is her right.

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by FluxIt In reply to A woman's right

Last time I check human beings had the right to life. At least that was what our forefather thought. That is to remark the right TO life - not choose a condition of life or if life will exist at all once concieved.

Furthermore, I think most people will agree that human life is born out of love between a man and a woman. It is not a loving act to conceive life then abort it. It is somewhat selfish and a vulgar means of birth control. For what, recreational sex as opposed to creational sex?

I do not recall anywhere right that allows one human to infringe upon another humans rights.

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Well, well, well

by maecuff In reply to SO WHERE DOES THIS RIGHT ...

MrMiami. It's been so boring without you.

As of this date, it is legal to choose to have a child or to terminate a pregnancy. So, you can call it an infringement all you want. If it is, it is a legal infringement.

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I'll go further

by Tig2 In reply to Well, well, well

Is it right to deny the mother the right to live? Even if it costs her child???

Until YOU have to make that choice, I suggest that you STFU.

There are women dealing with breast cancer and the threat that are making these extremely difficult choices and dealing with issues that "sperm depositors" simply never see.

Look around you. It isn't only your loving family you see. WE ARE WOMEN!

And at the end of the day- you will never understand how hard our choices are.

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The theory behind that one...

by TonytheTiger In reply to I'll go further

Is it right to deny the mother the right to live? Even if it costs her child???

... is that first and foremost, one has the absolute right to do anything, even kill, to save one's own life. This has been well established doctrine in world law for centuries. Many countries have extended this doctrine to include preventing serious harm to oneself, and some do not differentiate among emotional/mental/physical harm.

The legal theory is quite sound and I fully accept and even support it. Where there is a lot of wrangling is in determining how serious is serious enough and in determining whether one's stated feeling of impending harm is genuine.

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Invalid Argument

by ProtiusX In reply to I'll go further

Statistically the vast numbers of abortions are done for woman who simply has had sex, become pregnant and do not wish to have child. The numbers of women who have abortions to save the life of the mother is infinitesimally small in comparison.
In regards to the other part of your argument - are you saying that if I want to discuss pedophiles I need to become one or I should just shut up? I could turn the table on you and say "well if you've not shot and killed a man you can not talk about the war in Iraq". That is an equally silly argument.

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Slow down a bit

by Oz_Media In reply to I'll go further

that's exactly the type of pro woman, anti male BS that starts these issues to begin with. It's not right vs left, sorry, I know you love to pick sides. It's a matter of a womans choice, that's it....end of story. No need to start going on about Sperm Depositers etc. Some women are complete hags and bitches, som emen are the same. this doesn' tmake them all that way nor do we all feel the same way about women.

Your generalization and man bashing (AGAIN!) is just getting tiring and redundant, thus losing impact and integrity.

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