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Michael Kassner, you've got me into trouble and caused me work

By Deadly Ernest ·
In another thread the topic wandered a bit and you got me talking about how I keep ads off my system - especially the TR pages, then I did a couple of tests for you. Well, someone at TR was watching and it would appear they made some changes as a couple of days later some ads did start appearing on my TR pages. Grrrr.

These are mostly the 'Sponsored' type stuff and not general ads, though - so it isn't too bad. But it's annoying to have them appear again. If you find out who did this, please slap their wrist for me.

If I hadn't revealed how Adblocker Plus was blocking them I'd still be ad free. Oh, well, now I have to work out what they're doing and retrain the software by learning how to add a rule of my own.

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serves ya right

by Jaqui In reply to Michael Kassner, you've g ...

bragging like that

no plugins, and no ads.

but then, no images and adservers blacklisted tends to do that.

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A bird waited too late to fly south

by CharlieSpencer In reply to serves ya right

When he finally started, his wings iced up and he crashed in a cow pasture. Adding insult to injury, a cow evacuated it's bowels all over the top of him.

The foul mixture stank, but it was warm! So warm the bird thawed out and began to sing. The farm cat heard the song, dragged the bird out, and ate it.

Moral 1: Not everyone that sh!ts on you is your enemy.

Moral 2: Not everyone that pulls you out of sh!t is your friend.

Moral 3: If you're warm and happy at the bottom of a pile of sh!t, keep your d@mn mouth shut.

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That's old mate and I first heard it in an old western starring

by Deadly Ernest In reply to A bird waited too late to ...

Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer - one of their first, so it's about thirty years old - and many said it was old then.

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yeah, I know - but that doesn't mean I can't ***** about it

by Deadly Ernest In reply to serves ya right

I'm already studying how to write new rules in Adblock Plus

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Have you looked

At the source code?

Also, I'm not aware of how AdBlocker could be circumvented that fast. In AdBlocker you don't have to specifically block traffic, right? As Adblocker is a generic, all-encompassing application.

Also, if you feel that I'm responsible, I certainly apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused.

I guess I look at it differently. I personally boldly try/research everything to see what happens, as it's the only way to learn. It also allows me to write from experience.

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hey mate, you should read the tags as well as the words

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Have you looked

I tagged it humour first - so I've a twisted sense of humour. If I didn't find the situation funny, I wouldn't have said anything at all.

What I think they did was to change some of the hidden attribute names so they didn't match the string pattern in the Adblock rules - thus they are no longer blocked by Adblock. I suspect that as the number of hits on the two rules I listed have slowed down.

I agree with your approach, it was a bit silly of me to give them the exact rule wording in an open forum, that's all. I did think this thread would be a humourous way of letting people know the TR techs are watching the threads too.

edit to add - I just checked the tag list, although I had humour in the additional tags on the original post, it didn't make it to the final as the list was too long. Just adjusted that, sorry. Live and learn about this system

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by jdclyde In reply to hey mate, you should read ...

I run it in default on all of my systems and never had any issues or ads.

The only thing I have to deal with is the script block, to allow certain sites to run, but most, no way in h e double hockeysticks.

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TR and ads

by jdclyde In reply to Michael Kassner, you've g ...

I didn't mind them, as they pay the bills, right?

When all the non-IT crap started to get pushed, it raised a big WTF flag.

When all the video started playing on the screen, tripling (at least) the page load time, it started to urk me.

When they put ads on that started to make sound without my permission, it was an unforgivable sin. A tech site knows better, just like you NEVER have an automatic popup window for your ads.

I actually had someone CALL me from CBS about the ads and my opinion on them. I told them the same as I am now. This is a tech site, give me tech ads that DON'T move, make sounds, or kill the page loads, and I will make a POINT of clicking on some of them. I HAVE bought stuff years ago from some of the side bar ads.

Now, between AdBlock and script block, I don't see them, and TR actually loads most of the time.

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Yup. I love AdBlock

by cmiller5400 In reply to TR and ads

I don't see a single ad. I've subscribed to some of the lists and have created one of my own. As work blocks some of the sites for shopping, photo's etc, I don't want to keep on getting "websensed" so I added all those as well. Pages load very quickly when the site is not misbehaving. ]:)

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Before I got Adblock loaded I used to see some ads, but they

by Deadly Ernest In reply to TR and ads

were never ads I could use as there is NO point in my seeing ads for things in the US. By the time I pay for one of freight and get it through customs here, it's a lot dearer than buying through the Australian agent - cheaper customs when the invoice is for warehouse and not retail price. And deals on Internet services are a total waste of time - unless I can get an absolute beauty on hosting - but due to the exchange rate it's have to be down to something like US$10 per year with a high bandwidth. Which I'm sure I won't be seeing.

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