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Competing Technology

by wallowamichael In reply to Michael's Technology Thou ...

This morning i am giving a presentation on a Bluetooth device that helps teachers manage their classes. The reason that i have to give this presentation is because a principal at one of the schools likes a technology that performs a similar function, but is in essence still a chalk board.<br /><br />The bluetooth device has most of the functionality of the smart board, but the smart board has none of the capabilities of the bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices are also cheaper to install and maintain than smart boards.<br /><br />I'll let you know how I do.<br />

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Macintosh lost data

by wallowamichael In reply to Michael's Technology Thou ...

Of course, my end users know best....<br /><br />I have a client who was doing work on his Mac. He decided that perhaps an additional account set up on the Mac so other people could use it would be nice. (His business is expanding).<br /><br />He set up the account, but it 'made a copy' of all of his data in the new account's data. same settings, preferences, etc. He didn't care much for the setup, so he deleted the account.<br /><br />Lo, and behold, all of HIS data dissappeared as well!<br /><br />My tried and true recovery software isn't working, because the data wasn't deleted in the usual fasion. I suspect that since the account directory still exists, the links to the deleted files can't be found or were removed. I also suspect that he made the mistake of having the Mac not 'create a backup' of the data to be deleted, since he thought he still had a copy in his account.<br /><br />So my week ends on a crappy note. I hate to make him pay, but I can't afford to give away software and hours. I guess since there's no data on the drive, I could hold it ransom for payment.<br /><br />Thanks for listening   <br />

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Grants and problems and solutions, oh, my!

by wallowamichael In reply to Michael's Technology Thou ...

<br />When is a Mac not a Mac? Lately, when the boot-camp gets installed. Kind of makes me think that M$ is 'military' and Apple is 'non-violent' since you have to send a Mac to boot-camp to run M$...<br /><br />I always knew there was something going for that 'think different' campaign.<br /><br />Setting up two new Macs today. Looking forward to seeing how they run with Intel Inside. Read many reports and favorable reviews, I'll add mine to the list.<br /><br />Also have to (gasp!) replace two Macs with pc laptops! Apparently the company who hosts the web application will not fix the problems with ANY OTHER browser, and only IE will work. Neither of the Macs are quite powerful enough to run VM, so I acquired two laptops with just IE on them for their work. Oh, well.<br />

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