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Michigan Job's IT

By jkforms ·
I live in Michigan and like most places in the United States; the economy is not doing well.

I have been in IT since I was in high school my junior year I started at a local computer repair center i have been working for them for 4 years now. I went to a Career Tech Academy and received my A+ Cert in 2006. I am a bench technician I work on up to 20 computers at a time that is nothing compared to some of you! I am proud to say I have never lost a customer?s data and pray to keep it that way. I know I am heading in the right direction but I fear for my future educational wise working on getting Certifications like Vista and things but what can I do?
I love my job it is what I always dreamed of however, my fear is I have not been to collage I am afraid to move due to the economy.
Thanks for your time
Jon K.

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Hang in there

by flowcom In reply to Michigan Job's IT

It can be tough money wise to do paid education, but the internet is great for learing. Keep doing what your doing just find some time to study to improve yourself. Once you get some cash take some more cets test.
There is alwasy a debate over Certs or degree. I personally found that both is optimun. But, Experience and a well written Resume is what will get you a shot at a job interview. Having the certs on the resume goes a long way. Hang in there, things will turn around. Keep studying my friend and you will be fine.

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Speaking as a 50's something citizen in Michigan

by OnTheRopes In reply to Michigan Job's IT

with two Certs, no job and no degree of any sort the best advice I can give you from my perspective is to get a degree, preferably a Bachelors if not a Masters or a Doctorate. If you're capable of going to school and getting passing grades go to school and never stop learning. You'll likely never regret doing it but you may regret NOT doing it.

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Hi from St. Clair Shores

by RFink In reply to Michigan Job's IT

"Will the last person to leave Michigan please turn off the lights?" That was a famous bumper sticker when I graduated from Michigan Tech in 1983. Twenty-five years later it's the same thing. My wife and I are considering bailing when my current contract expires. I can only deal with unemployment for so long.

My out of state friends like to rag on me for staying here. They tell me things like, "Detroit's so bad, even the mayor's a criminal." and "The only good thing that came out of Detroit was I-75." I'm starting to think they're right.

Good luck to you.

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Thank you

by jkforms In reply to Hi from St. Clair Shores

Thank you for all the advice you are correct it can be hard money wise I work part time 9.50 an hour is not bad where I live considering that plants are closing down and hundreds of people are losing jobs I am just thankful to have one at this time.

"Will the last person to leave Michigan please turn off the lights?" that bumper sticker needs to come back. I do plan to move out of Michigan that is for sure I am not quite sure where just yet but I do know away from Michigan. I have been thinking about ITT Tech but I hear employers really don?t like trade schools sometimes. I look at it this way if I were to go to ITT school I would also get the certs not just the masters.
I am studying on my own reading books and taking practice tests then when I score higher than needed taking the certs. My employer is more than happy to pay for the cortication they did for my A+. not just once but I passed the hardware and failed the software they paid for me to take the software again I was shocked!
Thank you all for you?re advice keep them coming I

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