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    Micom ?


    by b.johnw ·

    Hope someone can help with this problem !

    I have a samsung gt 9000 Laptop (with fingerprint module)which has had a clean install of winxp pro, and i decided to check for bios updates on samsungs website and found the version of MICOM i had needed updating which i downloaded and started the flash update. This went about halfway through and bombed out and now the laptop will not boot at all not from floppy,cdrom,usb or hard drive although i can get into and change the bios settings with no problems. The bios shows that the MICOM flash has been updated to the latest version which is obviously causing the problem.

    Is there a way to resolve this without costing a fortune in repair centre charges? as samsungs technical support didn’t have a clue,

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      While not a common problem with NB it’s just possible that you’ll need to disable the BIOS chip for a few seconds and then restart the system and setup the BIOS.

      I’ve just done a quick look at the Samsung Web Site and the GT9000 isn’t listed there so you’ll have to go through the instruction manual to see how you do this although it may be enough to pull the battery and remove any covers and disconnect any batteries that you find that should do the trick. Of course you’ll have to also disconnect the mains while you are doing this.

      Did the BIOS Updating info say anything about needing to reset the BIOS?

      If you can get into the BIOS you will need to set it up again so set the date/time and then go through the Boot sequence as well as the CPU and RAM settings if the BIOS has been renewed properly its possible that it has been returned to a blank setup and you need to reset everything so you can get it to work again.

      But it is always a bad sign when the BIOS bombs out part way through the install and generally means at the very least a new BIOS chip but since you can get into the BIOS you should be all right once it is setup again.


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      Reply To: Micom ?

      by b.johnw ·

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      Thanks Col,

      The info for the upgrade suggested to check the current bios version and update as needed but the laptop already had the latest bios version, just the “MICOM” was out of date which is why i never tried to update the bios itself.

      Im presuming the MICOM info is on a separate chip so i think your suggestion about removing the motherbaord batteries is the way to go (fingers crossed).

      Thanks for your help.

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      by 3xp3rt ·

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      You must have BIOS utility in your original CD of your laptop. Try to recover the old stuff with this CD(utility).

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