Micro-Cap and other OSs (non Windows based)

By Benny7440 ·
For some years now I've known this product and recognized it as an extremely
valuable asset from the very beginning. Recently, I stopped using Windows XP and
switched to Ubuntu (in addition to 2 other linux-based distros. Now, I've been
browsing the web for information on running your application under a linux OS
and didn't find anything on the subject.
Are there some of you using linux and being able to run this application
within? If the answer is no or there's no answer at all, may I ask for another
application capable of doing most of the things Micro-Cap can but under linux?
Thanks in advanced.

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A few suggestions...

by dldorrance In reply to Micro-Cap and other OSs ( ...

I have also fairly recently discovered Linux.

Google may be your friend.
Check here for Microcap under Linux

Check here for Linux based SPICE programs

If none of the above works out, the third choice is to run your Windows program in a virtual machine running in Linux. It will probably run a bit slower, but it will run. For Ubuntu I would suggest VirtualBox. Don't download the Open Source edition from the repositories, which lacks USB support. Download the full, free version here

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A very useful post and a well written one, too.

by Benny7440 In reply to A few suggestions...

I checked out the links and suggestions there and the list, even though not complete, is very reasonable in coverage.
Thanks a lot!

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