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Micro Management are you a Victim?

By cybdiver ·
The boss gives you a task and some room to accomplish. As you present it to him/her they have an opinion on how you should redo it. No matter how many times you redo the task or if you feel it should be done differently with valid support they still say go ahead and work this problem out, except they want you to work it out their way. When you finally complete the task they announce to the board, and the word around the office is that they did a brilliant job. Ask the guy how he accomplished the task and he hasn?t got a clue. If there are any tweaks down the road he can?t do them he has to call upon you.

This is just another type of Micromanager, while they are not constantly over your shoulder every step of the way they use the method of as they like to think ?Refining your work? because how else could they grab the credit.
Micromanagers take perfectly good attributes and work habits and try to tailor them to the way they feel the work should have been done. The results are usually same, but now you have not done it correctly and they are getting the credit. A true Micromanager can be spotted as they start by correcting tiny insignificant details in your project allowing them brand it as their own.
Take back delegated work or take over projects just before completion, again so they can look as if they have run the show. And most importantly a good sign someone is a Micromanager is when they tell you that you have been empowered to do something but they are constantly reminding you who the boss is.

Working under a Micromanager can be debilitating to perfectly good and exceptional employees. No matter what the worker does they feel closed in and maybe even inadequate. Those that are strong enough to stand up to a Micromanager will be terminated as this makes the Micromanager fell inadequate something their egos can just not accept. This stems from a pronounced fear that the talented and skilled working might just replace them.

In all cases the Micromanager feels there are no ways you can accomplish anything without their intervention and guidance. Many times the person is a recent executive or manager with little or no experience, and debilitates or removes anyone competent to get in the way of the mediocre and imagined climb to the top. The sad part is that in this process they destroy a good number of employees, by killing their drive to work. This can be spotted with staff is very punctual about heading for the door come quitting time., and the number of persons directly reporting to this Micromanager seems to change with some consistency. Anyone with equal of superior skills is eliminated usually with made up or imagined faults and discrediting techniques.

With some Micromanagers it is possible to have a discussion and work through this, but with those functioning on ego the best bet it to get transferred or begin looking for new employment.
The most important thing to remember is that it's not your fault; you probably are talented which is why HR hired you in the first place. Your last job applauded you and was sorry to see you go. Hey you thought you were going to move up and you can just get out from under the disaster waiting happening. So do you know any Micromanagers?

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Yes, working for one right now =P

by megabaum In reply to Micro Management are you ...

I'm currenly working in a highly professional position, where the talented are silenced and accomplishments are either ignored or pushed aside. Many years in the business and I've had many successes, some bumps in the road , but I've never experienced anything like this with a manager. I'm staying upbeat, contine to succeed and try to exceed expectations - although this is difficult to do since no one on the team, including me, really knows truly what is expected. They change with the wind... Anyhow, this is one of the worst and insecure managers I've ever worked with. I'm currently looking for a new job and in the meantime trying to stay upbeat from day to day. I've left work crying several times and feel every day that no matter how great my performance is, it's never enough... and it's never acknowleged. The blame, gossip by management absurd and I attibute it directly to fact that no one wants to take responsiblity, especially not the managers. If they are this disfunctional, I can only imagine what they are dealing, with respect the their managers. I'm also pretty sure that my manager doesn't fully understand what I do, or how to succeed in this arena - and I'm sure this causes some anxiety for him. He seems to make a hobby of pointing out tiny, miniscule errors or mistakes in emails and other things that the team members are doing, while at the same time delegating all of the heaving lifting, complex projects and difficult discussions for the rest of the team. Poor leadership, insecurity, ...? Who knows, I'm over it and don't have the desire or energy to try to figure it out. It's like putting your finger in a light socket.

My plan right now is to stay upbeat, positive and professional, although it's hard at times. The more I succeed, the less he says to me and the more uncomfortable he becomes. This manager has crossed many professional boundaries with me, too many to discuss here. But the good news is I know I'm on the right path... which is right out the door as soon as I secure another position.

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