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micro notebooks-- good bad or just a fad

By cavlosnap ·
I just got an Asus eee 701: 4 GB SSD a 7" screen and a Linux OS. Weighs less than 2 lbs and fits in a large coat pocket. Supposed to be droppable. Runs right out of the box It was $400 (list price) but it is new at the beginning of the month.
I usually use a desktop with a mouse & full size KB so the touch pad and small KB takes some getting used to. The main thing is it is truly portable. I once owned a Toshiba 4300. It was best for building ones arms and shoulders. I use the eee to surf when watching TV. So far the only downside is the small SDD and the software I don't really need or want, I'd rather have the storage back.
Overall I think it is great. The question is will it survive in the market and be truly affordable by practically everyone world wide? My guess is the days of the desktop for the average user are fast disappearing and the question becomes what is the optimum size and performance required for the average use? Will an i-Phone like device take the place of the run of the mill laptop or will a specialized device still hold the position? The problem I see with a multi-function device is it does everything but nothing really well. To be compact they tend to be so complex that only the designer knows how to really use all the features. This problem could be overcome with voice capability I suspect.

What do you think?

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