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Micrografx Picture Publisher 10

By f-4287229 ·

Anyone out there using Picture Publisher 10?


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Micrografx Picture Publisher 10

by n.ghorani In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

Hi Phrixos,

I'm interested in this software , I would like to ask you how can I buy 15 licenses of Micrografx Picture Publisher 10 and how much does it cost?


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by kchoffman71 In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

I have been using Picture Publisher 10 since it came out and depend on it totally. I tried other picture editors including Photoshop and much prefer Micrografx Digital Edition 10. I have had four successful digital art shows and have been asked to give a talk on picture editing at the County Library in April.

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Help with Micrografx

by jlpurtee In reply to Micrografx

Does anyone know how to get Micr PP 10 Professional to work with Vista?

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PP10 Vista

by lve In reply to Help with Micrografx

I have two members on my website that are running. one has a 32 bit operating system, and it works properly. Another has 64 bit and it doesn't wotk. I am looking into an XP emulation program which is supposed to work.

I would be happy to share this with you when I get it and test it.

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help with micrografx

by vikkicollins In reply to Help with Micrografx
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A littile too simplified

by Oz_Media In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

I find it laks in masking and marquee selection accuracy, not as accurate as Macromedia/Adobe or even Jasc in that arena anyway.

While for a cheap photo editing program it does a pretty good job for a new user who isn't really into hand touching or adjusting photos (good for the general home user for example)I find Jasc Paint Shop pro used to do much better a few years ago, haven't payed with Jasc in a few years now.

For people who don't want to fork out dough for a real high end photo editor, Fireworks is my favorite graphics/photo prog around, (I don't care for Photoshop no matter how many people want to make it popular) I don't like the Adobe Photoshop interface and hope that, now Adobe acquired Macromedia, Phtoshop will take a leson from the intuitive and useful interfaces of Macromedia's software.

For a basic editing program, it's pretty good, and easy to use, but so is Jasc Paint Shop Pro, but more accurate with some features. For professional work, Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks or if you prefer Photoshop. They offer more, are more accurate and offer professional results. Macromedia has better export options too I think, more accurate compression results anyway.

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Micrografx Picture Publisher 10

by Ann Dodderidge In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

I am not able to get it to work with Vista.
It is very hard to find a copy of 10.

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Picture Publisher 10 direct download

by swat37 In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

i was looking through the forums and found you were looking for picture publisher 9. i have picture publisher 10 that i have uploaded to rapid share.please feel free to download it.


shahzada suleyman

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Picture Publisher 10

by nappysgirl03 In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

Does anyone know how to make Picture Publisher 10 work with Vista? When I try to photoshop it just does wierd things to the picture then when I refresh it it's ok. So basically it does not let me see what it is doing at the time.

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by nappysgirl03 In reply to Micrografx Picture Publis ...

I use it but not on my laptop because will not let me work with it! >:{

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