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micromanagemt nightmare

By toomuch1 ·
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micromanaging nightmare
my boss is a nightmare...he controls everything,he emails me constantly with useless "orders" as he does not delegate.Seems he doesnt trust anybody,treats me like a teenager.If im late (we do have a... Read Whole Comment +

my boss is a nightmare...he controls everything,he emails me constantly with useless "orders" as he does not delegate.Seems he doesnt trust anybody,treats me like a teenager.If im late (we do have a flexible schedule) he email me to ask "is everything ok?" He supervises two people and we are both about to jump ship.He tells me to check xyz info 3 times to confirm.He asks me to do something ,but he has already checked it himself.He is absolutley nuts.He asks me what i think ,i tell him but has not once in 5 years taken my suggestion.He is manipulating,kniving.He told me to look out for travel expenses but then he spends what he wants,is that a double standard or what.He once called me at home while i was having dinner with my family,i didnt answer(i had it on silence) when i checked later there were 3 missed calls,i called him back an hour later,he asked why i didnt answer,i told "having dinner with family..He said "next time you are having dinner keep the phone next to you" i consider that harrassment,period. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you looking for sympathy or help?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to micromanagemt nightmare

If sympathy, cry away. There are plenty of shoulders here.

If help, is there a reason you are job searching?

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Also, is he Conniving or Knifing?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Are you looking for sympa ...

That makes a difference, you know.
If it's the latter, run, and change your address. And get a restraining order and a gun and a knife-proof vest and a nice heavy sap (up close and personal, a gun is less effective than a knife, but a knife can be less effective than a good heavy stick - the KISS principle)

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Please explain

by puppybreath In reply to micromanagemt nightmare

He emails you with what you say are "useless orders" but then say he doesn't delegate. If he's assigning you tasks instead of doing them himself, isn't that delegation?

If he asks you to do something but has already checked it himself, could it be that he wants another set of eyes looking at it to ensure he understood it correctly?

Why should you care what he spends when traveling? In most companies, there's always different criteria based on position. My boss rents better cars, stays at better hotels, and is allowed to spend more for meals, so what?

Does your job description state that you're on call 24/7? That would explain him thinking you should have answered the phone.

Sounds to me like your boss is tired of babysitting so maybe you'd both be happier if you went somewhere else.

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Read inwards...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Please explain

If the boss keeps giving orders to do stuff he's already done, that's not really delegating... it's just control.
A certain kind of boss acts exactly like that, only solution is get out.

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I see it differently.

by puppybreath In reply to Read inwards...

What I read was a whine from an incompetent employee.

He says he's treated like a teenager. I'm assuming that there is a reason for that: job performance.

Perhaps the boss has already done some of the work to double check the work done by the employee since it's been poor in the past. Who can say with such limited information? I'd say that any employee whining about having to follow useless orders has a bad attitude. An average employee wouldn't have a clue about what tasks are useless since their work is usually compartmentalized.

He whines about the boss being able to spend more than him on expenses. Welcome to real life.

He whines about offering suggestions that the boss rejects. Maybe the suggestions offered show how little the employee understands the business.

He says he's on a flexible schedule but was called while having dinner. Without further info, who's to say he wasn't on call?

And maybe the boss doesn't have the guts to fire him so he's making life miserable until he quits. There's just not enough information supplied to know for sure.

I agree with you; he should quit. It sounds like everyone would be happier.

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You need to leave

by AV . In reply to micromanagemt nightmare

My advice is to get out of that place. Its never going to be what you want unless your boss leaves.


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Yup, you gotta know when to hold-em and know when to fold-em

by robo_dev In reply to micromanagemt nightmare

I've worked for a micro-manager.

While it might feel good to plant pornography on their computer, wipe your fingerprints from their keyboard, steal someone else's entry badge so your entry after-hours is not detected, and report them to Human Resources, that will not get you what you want.

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by oldbaritone In reply to micromanagemt nightmare

In Kindergarten, children play the game.

"You may take one step forward"
"Mother may I?"
"No you may not."
And if you don't say "Mother May I?" you are sent back to the beginning.

Micromanagers play the same game with their employees.

As an employee, you need to decide whether it bothers you enough to leave and look for other work. If it does, do it. If not, get used to it. The game will not end.

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The game will not end..

by NexS In reply to Mother-May-I?

Unless the employee becomes 'kniving' in the not-incorrectly spelled sense.

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Looks like the OP was just venting,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The game will not end..

since he / she never came back.

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