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    Micro$oft Windows murphy


    by pendler ·

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      Move userprofiles between domains

      by pendler ·

      In reply to Micro$oft Windows murphy

      Moving a user profile into a new domain

      It is always a kind of a trouble, when the one and only Windows Server
      (in my case a Windows 2000 Enterprise Server) has to be upgradet. The
      trouble is even bigger, when there where more than 4 different
      administrators working on this server and none did any writings about
      what was changed why and how.

      The plan was to upgrade to Windows 2003 Server. So how to do it, if you
      are not allowed to buy new hardware and the only thing given to you is
      a pentium III 1000 mHz? Also, there were special programs and routines
      running on the old server, so that it was not possible to have a time
      out of more than 30 minutes…………..

      Of course there would have been another way to do this, but because of
      the relayability of the system and some other “internal” aspects I
      decided to take that street.

      That’s what I did:

      Setting up a second server for testing and later proxy

      This actually was the easy
      part: put 512 MB RAM in a Pentium III 1000 mHz and a harddisk with
      Settup Windows 2003 Server.

      Copying all the directories and files on the new server

      Also was no problem.

      Setting up a new ActiveDirectory and Domain from the scratch

      Easy without a Problem.

      Installing all applications on the new server

      The programs all worked. I was kind of lucky then hmm?

      Move the Users and Computers to the new domain without loosing the profile settings

      Here the problems started. It is no trouble to move a Windows 98 or ME
      from one domain to another, because this does not affect any profile.
      Every user has the same desktop settings as set on the local machine.

      Windows 2000: you just login in the new domain once. Then logout and log into the local domain of the PC as
      administrator. Copy paste
      all the files from the old profile (C:/Documents and settings/Profile)
      into the new profile.
      Give the rights to the
      user and restart the computer. Login into the domain as user.

      Windows XP professional: there are two ways to do this. Often you need both because one or the other
      does not work properly.
      1. Same procedure as with
      Windows 2000 profile, but it does not work all the time and you have to
      copy some
      Folders again

      2. Use the transfer wizard under programs->accessories->system tools->file and settings transfer wizard.

      Unfortunateley this gives some trouble if you have a big profile and if
      you are switching twice as I did. And if
      you had
      to copy paste into a profile, the transfer wizard copys the momentary and
      the origin profile folders and

      produces a big overhead of data that will not be importet properly.

      Sometimes it even doesn’t export/import properly even if it was a small
      profile. If that happens, do just the
      copy-paste thing as explained in the upper paragraph.

      Set up Windows 2003 Server on the old Server (Compaq ProLiant ML 370 G2 tower)

      That realy was no problem at all.

      Setting up ActiveDirectory all ne

      Easy task as well.

      Copying all directories and files back on the old server

      No worries at all. Just had to be carefull with the share policies.

      Installing all applications

      Just here, the problem
      began: Veritas 9.1 could not be installed on the old server, but it
      worked on the proxy
      server. So, this
      is kind of interesting: was running under 2000 without problem – was
      running under 2003 on a fast
      PC used as proxy
      without trouble – was uninstallable back on the old server with
      the 2003 OS……..!?!?
      All other applications work fine.

      Move the users into the new old domain without loosing the profile settings

      Same problems as with
      the first time. But I figured out that doing a profile import and then
      a copy paste will be
      the safest way to make shure, everything works fine.

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      Fileaccess via network

      by pendler ·

      In reply to Micro$oft Windows murphy

      Alright, here we go again with one of the x-Files of Windows 2003 Server.

      After I made the upgrade from Win2000 to Win2003 there happens to be
      the problem, that everyone has good accesstimes on files shared in the
      intranet but cannot save or change any of these files in a normal way:
      whenever one saves a .doc file, the office freezes for about 1 minute
      and all of a sudden it saves or crashes the personal computer one is
      working with.

      And now I am searching for the problem. How optimistic do I need to be to find a solution?

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        Fileaccess via network

        by pendler ·

        In reply to Fileaccess via network

        Ha, it was the Nortman Virus scann tool, especially the on-access
        realtime scanner. As soon it was turned of, everything worked fine. i
        will figure out if I have to uninstall it completely or if I can just
        deactivate it.

        Maybe this Scanner also gives me some touble with Veritas Backup Exec.

        We will see………………………………………….

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