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    Microphone wont recognize on new acer laptop

    by rulings.sepia0i ·


    I’ve tried about everything from the basic making sure the the microphone is allowed for apps to trying to mess around with the sound settings, the control panel sound settings and seeing if any devices are disabled but my laptop keeps picking up the built in microphone instead of the microphone on my actual headphones.
    I know the mic on the headphones work since I can use it on another acer laptop just fine but for some reason plugging it into this new one (specifically on discord) it says it cant pick up a microphone (I also changed my input devices but it still picks up my laptop mic instead of headphones) please help I think I’ve tried most google solutions including the checking if the audio driver is updated but I still cant figure out how to fix it our why it wont recognize my headphones mic

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      Re: microphone

      by kees_b ·

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      There are (mostly older) laptops that have two input jacks, one for a microphone and one for the headphone, and laptops that have one input jack for both functions combined in a headphone with microphone (nice in Zoom and Meet and Teams). Maybe your laptop is one of first category. Then you need an adapter cable to split the signal.

      Check the user manual.

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      Reply To: Microphone wont recognize on new acer laptop

      by Johnharper2020 ·

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      Laptop microphones can stop working as the result of a variety of software and hardware problems, including issues with settings, configurations, and even driver conflicts. To fix your laptop microphone, you’ll have to check the most common issues in each of these categories and fix any problems that you come across.

      Here are the most common issues that may be behind your laptop microphone not working:

      Microphone settings and configuration: Simple issues like a muted microphone or an incorrectly configured microphone often cause this problem.
      Bad microphone drivers: If your microphone driver is bad or out of date, the microphone will fail to work properly.
      Bad microphone hardware: Your microphone may have simply gone bad due to a defect or old age, or there may be a problem with the internal wiring.


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