Micros 3700 Printer additions

By brianhebb ·
I run a restaurant using Micros 3700 POS system. The
tech service for
micros through the company we bought the system is a
joke, they know
less than I do and charge $125/hr.

I want to use an HP 3820 printer with the PC that is the
server for the
POS system. Currently all printing goes through the little
thermal tape
printers at the workstations. So, how do I go about
adding the HP
printer in 3700?


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I believe it's just a Windows Box

by robo_dev In reply to Micros 3700 Printer addit ...

So go into control panel >printers >add printer

you may need to download the appropriate HP printer drivers for the OS on your server (Windows 2000, NT, or Windows 2003)

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My bad, e7

by brianhebb In reply to I believe it's just a Win ...

Thanks for the help. I made a mistake, however. We have 4
restaurants and 2 are 3700, 2 are e7. I need to know how to
add a printer on the e7.

thanks again

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It looks like the E7 is an embedded windows CE device

by robo_dev In reply to My bad, e7

I hate to sound discouraging, but Windows CE is a really basic (and outdated) OS, so you are going to be very limited as to what printers will work with it.

Most likely you will not find printer drivers that are specific to the printer that you are using, and it's entirely possible that the HP printer you have selected will not work with the system at all...some HP printers work only with Windows or Mac systems (CE is not really Windows, technically).

On most embedded CE devices, there are some magic key sequences that you use to break out of the app and get to the OS. From there you can load drivers and make config changes.

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