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I am currently using a Micros 3700 system in my resturant. Every morning micros automatically print a report detailing all sales from the night before. This report is called the daily system sails detail.

This report has worked fine for balancing numbers up until a couple of weeks ago. A section of the report show all different types of voids associated with that evening.

For the past ~2 months the OVERCOOK button never shows any voids. The total is always 0 voided and 0 ammount. Now if I print out a void detail report it will show any OVERCOOK items if applicable.

My question to everyone out there is how can I edit the report to show me the overcooks? In what way can I edit the parameters of this report that is automatically generated and printed before the office staff even arrives in the morning.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.

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Call Micros support?

by Churdoo In reply to MICROS 3700 REPORT MISSIN ...

There has to be a reason that that section of the report suddenly went south, so it really doesn't sound like a report editing problem unless someone monkeyed with the report.

Your best bet may be to call Micros support. They can probably figure it out quickly, possibly even remotely, and the cost of the service will probably pale in comparison to the inefficiency caused by having the DSR screwed up for XX weeks.

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