Micros Fidelio slow and erratic network

By andre ·
Hi Guys,
I need some help, we running a small network (1 server 3 workstations) with Fidelio Ver 7.13. All was well until we had to install a new server and now as soon as more than 1 user is using fidelio front office, the program becomes erratic. When entering data, the program would stop for a few seconds then continue, stop continue and sometimes even crases. All that has changed in the whole scenario is the server, but still running Windows XP (same OS as before) but a fresh installation. All Fidelio data etc has been migrated to the new machine.

I have done so-far:
Installed antivirus program eset NOD32, on server and all workstations, scanned for virusses and malware - Clean.
Download and installed netbuie on all machines and run the network over netbuie - still the same
Remove netbuie - setup TCP/IP and enable Netbios over TCP/IP on all machines - still the same.
Set minfreeconnections and maxfreeconnections under HKLM/system/controlset/lanmanserver to min 256 en max 512 - No difference
Set antivirus scanning to exclude all mapped folders and drives related to fidelio - no difference
Set server's processor scheduling background services - no improvement.

Anyone had simular problems, please give me some pointers what else I can look at to find this problem, we can not work like this.

With only one workstation using Fidelio all run smooth, no erratic behaviour. As soon as a second workstation log-in and start entering data, the erratic behaviour start.

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OS or network

by TheBOFH In reply to Micros Fidelio slow and e ...

Hi Andre

Im currently running Opera V5 at my current unit, I had a old version of Fidelio at a previuous unit running on Novel, similar problems to what you have more novel hanging than network problems, I then moved ot over to Windows server. What I recomend if you can is isolate Fidelio on a seperate VLAN by doing that you can cancel out any other traffic and isolate the problem that way. Now might not be anything related to network traffic or virus it could be physical hardware i.e faulty network card or faulty port on the switch.


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Micros Fidelio has attitude problems

by vedenta In reply to Micros Fidelio slow and e ...

There are many better POS and PMS systems like Shawman softwares, Amedaus, Softbrands comming with good POS and PMS systems - my experience is that Micros guyes have a major attidude problem and are unnessarily expensive, just because they had a monopoly in the market all this while and hope that they loose the monopoly soon - I think there are some open Sourse POS and PMS systems avaliable - if you GOOGLE you may be able to find some more info

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