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Micros POS-how do I know what ram to get

By RG11 ·
I have a friend who runs a few subway shops. They have a POS system with subway software pre-installed that was Purchased from Micros about 4 years ago. Currently 128MB of ram is installed and I have one open slot to add ram. THe system is Micros:Eclipse system unit. The numbers etched on the MB are 6011425 and MA973AE2440458 but no manufacturer logo anywhere. Win98 is installed. I want to upgrade the ram but dont know what kind it is or the max. No labels on the ram. How can I find this out. Micros charges to talk to someone and they want to do the job for an crazy amount of $$..

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by cjc5447 In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

According to this brochure from micros, this POS unit uses Pentium II technology. Maybe a standard 100/133Mhz SDRAM DIMM module will work. It also could use SODIMM's (laptop memory) if space is tight. Compare the existing memory module to an SODIMM or DIMM, if it looks the same, it may work. I would try a spare module first of known memory type (borrow some from an existing computer). If that works, buy some generic memory from Best Buy/Office Depot/Computer City etc. Hope this helps - Chris

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by korgmeister In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

nowdays it is not efficient and expensive to purchase such terminal. basically it is all the same thing with normal computers except with different size and design

however you can try to take the ram out and plug it in old computer it if works, then you can purchase any pc133/100 ram. i recommend you should purchase the max amount of ram if possible.

if the terminal is using RDRAM it would be a bit tough to find it nowadays.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

You'll have to actually look at the installed RAM if it has memory modules on both sides of the Stick it most likely is the Low Density variety and will be very hard to get. If you use High Density RAM on a M'Board that only recognizes Low Density it will only read half of the available RAM and will most likely have timing issues as well so you'll get random shutdowns or fall overs which is not what you want.

There is a Utility available that will tell you who made the M'Board and it's model so if you run this you can then download a copy of the M'Board manual {maybe} and read it to find out just what is required. Download CTBIOS from here and run it in Windows to find out the information on the maker of the M'Board.


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by RG11 In reply to

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by dmiles In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

compare the memory size using this as reference
FPM ? Fast Page - If you have a 486, you probably have FPM

EDO ? Extended Data Out - If you have an early Pentium system, you probably have EDO

SDRAM - If you have a Pentium or Celeron system purchased in 1999, you probably have SDRAM

Memory modules plug into a socket on the motherboard. There are three socket types.

SIMM ? 30 pin ? 3 inches in length

SIMM ? 72 pin ? 4 inches in length

DIMM ? 168 pin ? 5 inches in length

Most older 486 machines will use 30 pin modules. Later model 486 and Pentium machines will probably use 72 pin modules. More recent Pentium machines may have 168 pin.

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by willcomp In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

Nearly all PII and most PIII systems require low density SDRAM (either single or double density). SDRAM currently sold at retail is high (quad) density and will not work.

As mentioned previously, RAM may also be SODIMM notebook type memory.

If RAM is, in fact, SDRAM or SODIMM, I recommend purchasing from Crucial. Web site is You can call them with particulars and they will guarantee compatibility.


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by RG11 In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

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Better than Micros!

by edlevin In reply to Micros POS-how do I know ...

You can find a system at 1/5th of the price of Micros at

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