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By yasha ·
Where i work we have micros POS system on UNIX machines Server, V9600 datafax modem 58kbps attached for credit card authorisation. Whenever we slide card from cashcounter it took time to authorised. SO, My question is " is there anyway to use dsl modem or cable modem for credit card authoristion on that system?". or anyway to make faster authorisation process.

Thank you

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by shasca In reply to Micros POS

If it has a Network card should be a peice of cake to setup.
Just need to change network communication settings from dialup to local LAN.
Then connect to a DSL Modem to communicate out.

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Direct dial in

by ozi Eagle In reply to NIC


I suspect that the reason for 56k modems is that the credit card suppliers have a direct dial in service for security reasons. What this means is that the shop "dials" the server and a modem in the server answers. No connection to the internet.


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POS system is usually stipulated by POS company...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Micros POS

I strongly advise that, before you do ANYTHING, you check with the credit card agencies.

You cannot simply increase the data-rate at your end without agreement from where you are sending the data to.

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by yasha In reply to POS system is usually sti ...

Does any of credit card agencied use Faster modem? I am very new about POS System. So could you give me some idea about MICROS. How it work and what kind of OS we need...more.
I really appriciate it.
Thank you

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Most local systems where I am ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to POS

Are still on 56K Dial-Up for card transactions.

The retail outlets would like something faster but it's not them that decide, it's the Agencies that control it.

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