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Microsft Exchange 5.5 with MS proxy

By Nadeem Afzal ·
Dear Friends,

I am facing a problem in configuring Microsft Exchange server 5.5 with Microsoft Proxy 2.0 on the same computer for getting inbound mail from Internet. Can some body help me how can I use exchange server with proxy server 2.0 on thesame computer for getting internet mail by configuring exchange server. I want to received mail for my users by connecting with dialup. I have a static IP also and registered domain name.



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Microsft Exchange 5.5 with MS proxy

by ftormen In reply to Microsft Exchange 5.5 wit ...

First of all it must ONLY be absolutely nescessary for you to try and run exchange together with the proxy on thesame computer. This is because services that need to coexist with the proxy must have static packet filtering configured properly since static filtering will overirde dynamic.
With that siad you must do the following;
Enable dynamic packet filtering and configure static packet filters to the nescessary ports such as smtp:25, pop:110, and web:80
Then configure dns to the public interface of the proxy server.
These two Wspcfg.ini files must also be created and placed in their respective directories.

Place this file in Msexcimc.exe


Place this file in Store.exe

Thats all and you should be set to go.
Note: remeber that you must determine port numbers and configure static packet filtering for any other services that you intend to run on this server.


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more help needed

by Nadeem Afzal In reply to Microsft Exchange 5.5 wit ...

I am greatful to you for ur help can u tell me further settings for exchnage server 5.5 if I use the same computer for exchange on which proxy then how can I configure internet mail service for routing via dialup connection when have a static IP from my domain hosted ISP. If it is possible that I can access POP mail from the same connection using winsocks proxy with proxy client installed at client end? I have tried to access POP mail but fail because I could not ping the the external interfaceIP. how can I use proxy 2.0 to access POP mail via the same connection?

waiting for the reply.



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