Microsft Windows XP SP2 Decemeber 2008 Patches - Reported Issues

By Jewmaster ·
So annoyed, typed this all up and I was taken to a VOIP page before I could submit, most likely my fat fingers but so annoyed that all my previous text is lost. BAR HUM BUG.

So here is a very short version
When a task is ended after the December Patches have been deployed the task will not end. If another user logs in the task is still running under the previous users login ID. This is affecting Adobe, Outlook, Word and Windows Explorer at this point. A full reboot of the workstation is required to end the task.

The staff also use RMS with a Samba drive mapping and this may be contributing as the client has also reported issues with Samba Drive Mappings.

1. Has anyone seen this type of End Task behaviour.
2. Do Microsoft maintain a listing of reported issues against released patches so we have a first point for investigations.

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here, at work

by The Scummy One In reply to Microsft Windows XP SP2 D ...

Outlook on many systems, when closed, will not actually close. Either an end task is needed (even after a re-install) or a shutdown is needed. I havent checked to see if a logoff and logon would continue to hold it open though.

several issues seem to be shutdowns are not clean, to the extent that the UPHClean needs to be re-installed or shutdowns may not even happen on their own.

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