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MicroSlop's latest "quickie"

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have you seen this security e-mail from MS,
From: Microsoft .NET Passport <>

Subject:Urgent Browser Security Notice ? Immediate Action Recommended

MS goes on to say Passport members have to update to IE5.5 -6.0, but digging into the FAQ, we find the following:

Q:I've heard that IE 5.01 is not affected by the original cookie handling vulnerability, is that true?

While IE 5.01 is outside of hotfix support, it has been tested and found to be unaffected by this vulnerability in all versions (gold, SP1, and SP2)

Is this another case of MS trying to scare the gullible masses into upgrading to IE6.0, sure looks like it to me.

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Change is easier when you use force>

by radiic In reply to MicroSlop's latest "quick ...

I've always said that Brute force is the way to make people change

Sorta funny when you think about how M$ has twisted the arm behind the back of the consumer, making them think that they need something they dont. Im not sure of what features were added from 5.5 to 6.0 but I cant imagine that there is just so much difference between the 2 that you would want to jump off a cliff and upgrade right after its released. Besides look at all the people that did and had problems. I have seen several posts in the Tech q/a area of TR that the problem they were having was due to upgrading to 6.0 IE. I will just sit back and wait for M$ to come out with a stable version of 6 before i move to anything. Besides theres Netscape too


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