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By PatrickJ7 ·
After downloading the September patches for WIN-7, I was changed from an Admin to a Standard User (guest ?). I do not believe that I did anything else to cause that change, but anything might be a possibility.

1. I suspect that a change occurred in the REGISTRy for WIN-7. If that is correct, is there any way to reset the Registry?

2. Is there any Microsoft Support for items like that?

... Pat

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Did you . . .

by Kenone In reply to Microsoft-7, Administrato ...

activate the Admin account before the updates?
try doing a system restore?
Yes, Microsoft provides free support for issues with updates.

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"Administrator" priviledges

by PatrickJ7 In reply to Did you . . .

"Yes", the download was started while I was an Admin.

"No" to restore as the "standard used" would not allow that to be done, apparently because "standard" users" (and "guests") are not allowed to do anything that would affect any program.

Do you have a good address for Microsoft?

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to "Administrator" priviledg ...

let me get this straight:
Does your computer now have no admin accounts? That would seem to be a very bad situation.

Used to be so, in winXP at least, that in safe mode there would be an admin account available that's otherwise invisible. I haven't yet had reason to check, so I don't know if Win7 has something like this. But if it has you could go to this admin account and give your other admin account its priviledges back.

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Loss of "Administartor" privileges

by PatrickJ7 In reply to Did you . . .

Thanks" for resonses. I was using my Admin account to access/download the MS updates, after which I restarted as is required to put them into effect.
I understand that I cannot perform a "restart" unless I am an Admin (which I am not).

Being somewhat naive, how do I contact MS for help re Update Problems? Personally, I cannot blame the Update Process by itself, but I have no idea as to something that I might have done wrong. My first use of Windows was WIN-95, then WIN-98, then XP and now WIN-7, and I have applied all updates since then without a problem (except for WIN-7). I must have done something wrong this time but I now do not have the knowledge to "undue" it. I wonder if MS Techs could assume remote-control (with my permission), and then issue a
change to change me back so as to be an Admin.

To add to this headache, My son is also an Admin, but he has forgotten his Password. I have a laptop running WIN-7, and his, identical, Admin privileges should/might(??) allow him to reset, me to be an Admin IF there was some way to uncover his password from that laptop's memory.

... Pat

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Loss of "Administartor" p ...

The reset password question is a big no-no here, on account of all the criminals asking the same service... all the frigging time.

But I think M$ has free support for issues to do with updates, so go to and look for Windows and then support.
Poke around, you'll find something.

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Thanks for reminding

by TobiF In reply to Microsoft-7, Administrato ...

I just created my additional admin account (My private back door, so to say).

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More "Administrator"

by PatrickJ7 In reply to Thanks for reminding

To TobiF and all: I once understood that it was not possible to loose all "Adiministrator" privileges. I cannot confirm that to be true. If it is, no one has come forward with a solution on "how to do it. I do suspect that someone at Microsoft does have an answer, and that my problem just has not reached the proper person. It appears that MS deliberately followed logic that would make it very difficult for an unauthorized person to "hi-jack" someone elses computer.

Past comments seem to indicate that there is a way to "inspect" specific portions of the registry,and them allow changes to be made by using entries such as "HKEY-xxxxxxxx". I h am (at best) an "advanced amatuer", and there is no way that I would attempt to modify the registry without very expert advice. However, My guess is that there might be some specific memory-address (instruction) that could be checked to determine what "priviledge" is being applied, and a change then implemented.

Has anyone ever written detailed information about the Registry? or is that a MS secret?


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I didn't try to solve your problem

by TobiF In reply to More "Administrator"

But your post reminded me to take the proactive step I usually do on my computers.
In case there would be some problem with my main account (registry data, password etc) I usually create a spare admin account.
But I had forgot to do that on my new laptop.

For ethical reasons, you'll not find details here at TechRepublic on how to elevate your rights. I suggest you contact MS or their representatives for help.

Another option is to restore the whole system. Just make sure to back up all important data first.

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Impossible to mess up?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to More "Administrator"

Sure you can.
Like, you can have one admin demote another, and then have it's pertinent files damaged = no admin. Bad mojo. I seem to recall getting an error message "Removing the systems last administrator account is, like srsly, not good - Do you want to continue YES/NO?".

I don't know how to add admin rights via registry hacking... but that's moot, as you need admin rights to access the registry editor. But you should try; and then tell us back here; what does it say when you put regedit.exe in the start button search field, and then click the link it finds? Just opening the editor won't harm, but don't stat poking around there, it writes realtime...
If it asks for an administrator password you can try entering blank, if you didn't make a password and the empty password is still somehow around.
But I don't know win7 yet, so feedback please.

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loss of administrative privileges

by PatrickJ7 In reply to Impossible to mess up?

How or why I lost being an administartor remains unsolved. It probably was something that I did, but I have no idea as to what that might have been. Forums have not been helpful, so I sent a snail-mail to MS; it should be at Microsoft now. At least one ethical reason behind a lack of information might be that it might permit an unauthorized-user to break into someone elses computer.

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