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Microsoft a new way to get rid of IT

By zlitocook ·
Microsoft has started a new project. It will take over your IT department and create a plan that will secure the company and all work stations. You will not get any virus, trojan or any other internet problem! If you let them take over your IT department. They will push a image to all work stations and not let any thing not excepted buy MS to be on any work station. Now if a person needs a Palm not supported it will not be reloaded. Or if they have a special video card or sound card, sorry you will have to ask a tech. and he will have to put in a support request. And you will have to wait to see if it is ok'ed.
This is going on now! Microsoft has already done this to their company.

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by FirstPeter In reply to Microsoft a new way to ge ...

Although I would argue that it's folly for even MS to pull a stunt like that, I can see where they'd do it. With MS the rationale could be that "we make every product type under the sun, so we should be using them because they're, effectively, free." I worked at a company (different industry) where the same logic prevailed. Despite the fact that coverage was better with alternatives, despite the fact that we didn't cover key areas that we traveled in we had to use our service for business - no other service would be reimbursed.

I don't know that I would freak out just yet - I don't think you'll see that going on with any large scale elsewhere. MS is not the best at what they do - they may have their hand in every major category of software but it's not at the top of many totem poles. Smart businesses will select the best value for the business dollar, which may or may not be MS products.

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Hmmm, I just left a dumb one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Pipe

they are trying to go down this route.
recomended by the vendor they outsourced their IT to.
I know double dumb.

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Surely You Jest...

by FirstPeter In reply to Hmmm, I just left a dumb ...

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