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I'm running an Access database on differnet computers, some are running on service pack 1 and others are updated with service pack 2. The problem is that i'm getting empty and erroneous fields when I pull up certain reports in the database on the computers updated with SP2. The coding in the control source is correct and working on SP1, but i can't figure out for the life of me why SP2 is causing it to not display the reports correctly. Can anyone help?

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Sounds like they're not the same databases anymore.

by Absolutely In reply to Microsoft Access 2003 HEL ...

Would need to know more about the control
source. From what you've provided, it just
looks like the reports are retrieving
different data because the tables hold
different data. Have you looked in
Datasheet View at the tables and confirmed
that they hold the same number of records?

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by Nelson.B.Garcia In reply to Sounds like they're not t ...

Everyone uses the same database from the same file on the same network. Yet the computer updated with sp2 will show just zero's on certain field in certain reports.

For example, the database in one case pulls up a list of current construction contracts. One fields displays number of modications done to that contract, Now I ran the database on a laptop running sp1 simultaneously while running it on desktop updated with sp2 and on the laptop it shows the correct number of mods, on the desktop it just shows a bunch of zero's
This is the case throughout the database and with different reports. I can't figure out why.

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Design View/Data Type

by Absolutely In reply to reply

It sounds like the field is being
identified as a number OK, but the value is
not being retrieved. Probably one of the
queries that retrieves for the form used by
clients to the shared database needs to be
reset. Without a lot more detail about the
table structures, it's impossible to be
more specific.

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by Absolutely In reply to Microsoft Access 2003 HEL ...

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