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    Microsoft Access 2007 Question


    by michael34 ·


    I have a client who is running Microsoft Access 2007, The previous IT guy whom designed the database they used was fired for fraud and somehow he was able to screw up some validation rules so I needed some help constructing a specific one.

    The table I am working with is called RX it has 7 fields, however the only two fields I am working with are Network and Resets and they have 4 Networks.

    Now what they need is when data is entered in the Resets field (Number), It needs to check the Network Field to see which network so it can accept or reject the number so like this:

    IF FIELDNAMENETWORK= Network 1 Then number must be under 6
    IF FIELDNAMENETWORK = Network 2 Then Number must be under 10
    IF FIELDNAMENETWORK = Network 3 THEN Number must be under 12
    IF FIELDNAMENETWORK = Network 4 THEN number must be under 20

    So if someone enters data and in the Field Network the data they enter is Network01 then they must enter a number between 1 and 5, If they create a new record and use Network02 they must enter a number between
    1 and 9 and so forth.

    Any help is appreciated.

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